RECAP: Direct from the networks, what's new for the '13-14 TV season

Last week, the broadcast TV networks showed off their 2013-14 schedules to the advertisers, and I tried to bring you the info as I got it, but sometimes what's truly new can get lost in the shuffle.  In order to make it simple, I've gone straight to the sources to get you their most complete information on the new and returning shows for fall.

By clicking each of the five logos below, you'll be able to see what each of the broadcast networks will be doing this year.  Some have fancy presentations, some are simple press releases, but the goal is the same:  To explain what they have to offer.  I hope you'll find this useful.

Click the network logos below to see their respective releases and/or presentations:


I hope to be able, as I have in the past, to preview some of the new shows later this summer, and if that does happen, I'll of course tell you what I think of them ... so stay tuned!


James Woody said…
Thanks for posting the new fall schedule for MyNetworkTv i appreciate it Jacob Newkirk.
James Woody said…
I'm wondoring how Law & Order: Criminal Intint & Bones will do on MyNetwork what do you think Jacob Newkirk??
Jacob Newkirk said…
Bones will probably do OK, not sure about L&O CI.

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