QUOTABLE: The Upfronts

The broadcast networks have been showing off their "wares" for the '13-14 TV season.  Here are some of the more memorable quotes of the week:

“We don’t think the bill has any momentum.”
- ESPN president John Skipper on Sen. John McCain's latest bill that would require cable companies to give viewers only the channels they want

“Then we have CBS, those smug mother------s. Les Moonves told CNBC that jokes about CBS skewing old are ‘over’. Sorry Les, but those jokes aren’t over til my grandma throws away her Mentalist hemorrhoid donut.”
- Jimmy Kimmel at ABC's upfront presentation

“NBC is really continuing to double down. They need to be pushing a lot of product to find winners. You can’t run a network on two shows and the Olympics.”
- Noah Everist, associate director of media investments at Compass Point Media

"If you're a little child who wants to be transported to the land of make-believe, there's Fox News."
- Robin Williams, commenting about how different the TV landscape is compared to when he starred in Mork & Mindy


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