Nexstar will operate — but not own — WEVV

Texas-based Rocky Creek Communications to buy station for $14.7M and allow Nexstar to run it

UPDATE, 11:55 a.m.: Shirley Green is no longer Nexstar's controller. I'm told this morning that she retired at the end of 2012, and I have updated that information below.

If you were wondering how Nexstar Broadcasting plans to handle the ownership of three TV stations in Evansville, that question got its answer when the company filed with the FCC to assign the license of WEVV and its translators on Monday.

Under the current FCC rules, neither Nexstar nor Mission Broadcasting can own WEVV (since they already own WEHT and WTVW, respectively), so an additional party was needed to buy the license of WEVV and allow Nexstar to run the station.  That third party is Rocky Creek Communications of Denton, Tex., and its president is Ms. Shirley Green. (Tidbit: Green serves served as Nexstar's controller until her retirement at the end of 2012.)

Rocky Creek, according to Monday's filing, will purchase WEVV from Nexstar for $14.7 million and, through an eight-year shared services agreement, allow Nexstar to run the station. In addition, Nexstar will have an option to buy the station at a later date (if that becomes possible through FCC action) and will guarantee Rocky Creek's debt.

As it now does with WTVW, Nexstar will purchase all of WEVV's commercial time and receive from Rocky Creek a monthly fee for its services.

The agreement also mentions the possibility of news on WEVV; specifically, Nexstar can produce news for WEVV "using WEHT management personnel and facilities," as long as those newscasts do not exceed 15% of the programming WEVV broadcasts in a week's time. At present, it's not clear if that will happen, but it is included in the agreement.

I'll be going over more of the agreement today as time allows and will share more pertinent information as I find it.


One thing's for sure when all this is finalized: The highly rated CBS prime-time lineup WILL lead into Eyewitness News at 10 on CBS 44 (or whatever Nexstar decides to rebrand CBS 44 with the word "Local").

If the same timeline is followed when Nexstar purchased WEHT in 2011, it's looking like this October when everyone sees all the big changes on-air.
Jeremyawesome said…
It would be nice to see some local news return to WEVV most CBS stations do have a local news outlet. I could see nextar push some local new on 44 maybe rebrand it Local 44.

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