Headlines for 5/6/13

Rush To Dickey: Don't Blame Me!
In a report from the NY Daily News, talk radio king Rush Limbaugh is not taking the rap for declining ad revenue at his flagship NYC station, WABC. Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey, which owns WABC, has gone on record saying Limbaugh's now infamous Sandra Fluke comments in 2012 have diminished ad revenue for the past year -- and the slump remains a "residual hangover" for the station. But the issue came to a head over the weekend and a source close to Limbaugh told the paper: "Lew needs someone to blame, (so) he's pointing fingers instead of fixing his own sales problem." [Radio Online]

Savage Wins Case Against TRN
A federal judge in California has upheld an arbitration panel’s decision to release talk-radio host Michael Savage from a contract with his former syndicator, Talk Radio Network. Savage says the case cost him $1 million in legal fees and he's happy he no longer works on a "radio plantation." He told World Net Daily, "Now it's time for me to expose these people, and I intend to do so, to prevent them from hurting others.” TRN CEO Mark Masters tells Radio Ink he'll appeal the ruling. "We are confident of a successful outcome for TRN in this next round of appeals.” [Radio Ink]

Appropriation cuts lead to layoffs and furloughs throughout CPB
CPB has laid off 12 employees and eliminated three vacant positions in a downsizing prompted by the federal budget sequestration and other cuts to its appropriation. The job cuts, announced Friday, extend across all departments and range from administrative to vice president levels, said Michael Levy, executive v.p. of corporate and public affairs. Taken together, the downsizing reduces CPB’s workforce by 11 percent. [Current.org]

CBS Corp. In Talks To Take Full Control Of TVGuide.com, Acquiring Lionsgate’s 50%
A month after CBS Corp. acquired 50% of TV Guide, the company that encompasses TVGN (formerly TV Guide Network) and TVGuide.com, Deadline's Nellie Andreeva hears that CBS is in the process of taking full ownership of TVGuide.com. CBS has been in a 50-50 partnership with Lionsgate on TV Guide since buying the stake previously owned by One Equity Partners for about $100 million in late March. [Deadline]


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