Headlines for 5/22/13

Microsoft Hopes Xbox Will Rule Living Rooms
For the past two years, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has outsold its rivals. But it's been eight years since that entertainment console came out, and Microsoft is the last of the three major console makers to unveil a new system, Xbox One. The stakes are high as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all using their latest machines not only to draw gamers but also to command the living room. [AP/TVNewsCheck]

Partisan Interest, Reactions to IRS and AP Controversies
So far, public interest in a trio of controversies connected to the Obama administration has been limited. Roughly a quarter (26%) of Americans say they are very closely following the IRS targeted conservative groups. About the same number (25%) are tracking the Benghazi investigation very closely, and even fewer (16%) are very closely following news about the Justice Department subpoenaing phone records of AP journalists. [Pew Research Center]

ESPN Laying Off Hundreds
No word from the company on how the layoffs will affect radio. Here's the official ESPN statement that made its way around the press yesterday. "We are implementing changes across the company to enhance our continued growth while smartly managing costs. While difficult, we are confident that it will make us more competitive, innovative and productive." [Radio Ink]

WXIN Names Kerri Cavanaugh News Director
Tribune taps the ND of its Grand Rapids, Mich., station to oversee news at its Indianapolis Fox affiliate. She replaces Lee Rosenthal, who left the station in April for sunny California. [TVNewsCheck]


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