Headlines for 5/17/13

10 Reasons Why The Auction Will End Broadcasting
“The International Broadcasting Network believes that going forward with the auction and repacking scheme will be chaotic, will result in the total destruction of the LPTV industry and will lead to the demise of the entire television broadcasting industry.” [TVNewsCheck's Playout]

2013 TV Upfronts: Media analyst on network presentations: 'Meh'
A sense of "meh." That's the takeaway of one top media analyst after sitting through programming presentations to advertisers from ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC this past week. "Our overwhelming impression is this: the more we see of the broadcast lineups, the more excited we get — about the cable lineups," said Todd Juenger of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. [LA Times]

Imitation Is the Closest TV Rivals Get to Flattery
As the television upfronts week for the 2013-14 season concluded on Thursday, the broadcast networks and cable channels that have been presenting their wares to advertisers and agencies are signaling a willingness to try borrowing what works from one another. [NY Times]


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