Charlie Sheen's coming back to broadcast TV, but just for 4 episodes

Bringing Anger Management to FOX
for a 4-week run in attempt to draw
more viewers to the FX show
FOX to air 2 original episodes and 2 reruns of actor's FX series, Anger Management, in June

Say goodbye to reruns of The Mindy Project for a while — Charlie Sheen is coming to FOX.

Sheen's program, Anger Management, which is on FX, will get a four-week gig on the broadcast network in June. The move comes as FX hopes to bolster the show's sagging ratings, which have fallen by half this season.

The show will air Monday nights at 8:30 p.m. CT / 9:30 ET on FOX44, WTHI-MyFox10, WDRB, KTVI-FOX 2, KBSI-FOX23, WBKO-FOX and WZTV-FOX17.


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