Change is in — and on — the air at WNIN

There are big changes underway at the Carpenter Home studios of Evansville's public broadcasting organization, WNIN.

First, and perhaps most importantly, June is David Dial's last month as WNIN's president and general manager, and his replacement, Brad Kimmel, will begin his tenure at the station working alongside Dial next week.

Dial is retiring after 45 years in public broadcasting, the last 30 of those in Evansville.  Kimmel, who has nearly three decades' experience in public and commercial TV, is known to many as the creator of the popular My Classic Car series, hosted by Dennis Gage.

Another transition at WNIN comes as Micah Schweizer prepares to leave for Laramie, Wyo., where he will become Wyoming Public Media's Cultural Affairs and Production Director. WPM is based at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

Schweizer, who now hosts Morning Edition and the popular Friday program The Trend on 88.3 FM, has been with WNIN since 2008.

He will leave the station at the end of June.

Finally, regular listeners of 88.3 FM have likely noticed the station's new Saturday afternoon program lineup.  Ask Me Another has moved from Sundays to Saturdays, which made way for A Way With Words to return to Sundays.

The full schedule, including the new programs (which the station would like you to chime in about) can be found here.


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