BRIEF: Newton, Ill. NOAA Weather Radio transmitter down

UPDATE #2, 9:08 p.m., again from Central Illinois:
The major communications problem that impacted several central Illinois NOAA Weather Radio transmitter sites today has been resolved. Verizon technicians have completed testing and all sites are now back on the air and broadcasting normally. Thank you for your patience during this outage.

UPDATE, 5:10 p.m.: Here's the latest from NWS Central Illinois:
Several NOAA Weather Radio transmitter sites continue to experience technical difficulties late this afternoon.  National Weather Service equipment is working properly...however a major phone line outage is causing the problem.  Verizon technicians were notified immediately after the sites went down and technicians have been dispatched.  The most recent update from Verizon indicates the issue has been elevated to the highest level: however, no estimated time of restoral is available yet.  The sites impacted by the outage include: Springfield WXJ-75, Peoria WXJ-71, Jacksonville WXM-90, and Newton KXI-48.
For those seeking severe weather information typically available on NOAA Weather radio, please stay tuned to National Weather Service Lincoln's homepage or your local TV/radio media.  

PREVIOUSLY: The National Weather Service in St. Louis reports that the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter in Newton, Ill. is out of service because of a damaged telephone line.

KXI-48, as it is known, operates on a frequency of 162.45 MHz and serves the following Tri-State counties in Southeastern Illinois: Clay, Edwards, Lawrence, Richland and Wayne.

NOAA Weather Radio users in Clay, Lawrence and Richland counties do not have an alternative channel to use, but if you are in Edwards County, you may tune your weather radios to the Evansville transmitter (KIG-76, 162.55 MHz) and in Wayne County you may tune to Salem (KXI-49, 162.475 MHz).

The National Weather Service office in Central Illinois should put the word out when service is restored.


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