BREAKING: NBC cancels Rock Center, Go On

Word is leaking out via the interwebs this afternoon that NBC has canceled two more series, one an unwatchable comedy and the other a good newsmagazine that didn't get the support it needed in the form of a permanent place in the schedule.

In addition to the four comedies canceled on Thursday, the Peacock Network has now killed Matthew Perry's Go On and Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Go On, Perry's latest utter failure since the end of Friends, premiered back in September and stumbled through the end of its first (and now only) season managing to lose four-fifths of its audience from the show's debut.

And what of Rock Center? It was the right show, chock-full of big name news talent, and interesting to watch, when one could find it. The problem? The show was constantly in search of a "forever" timeslot that NBC simply couldn't (wouldn't?) settle on.

Now it's settled:  Never.

The show's final episode will air June 21.


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