Another one bites the dust: The U.S. Open

Tennis tournament has been on CBS since '68; will move to ESPN starting in 2015

The seemingly inexorable shift of sports from over-the-air TV to cable has claimed another one: The U.S. Open tennis tournament.

The Associated Press reports this morning that the Open, which CBS has aired since 1968, will move to ESPN, with the first one to be carried by the cable sports giant in 2015.

"We expect the audience for the U.S. Open to increase, not to decrease, with all the platforms that we have digitally," ESPN president John Skipper explained. "This sort of old canard that there's something to be lost by going from broadcast to cable, I would submit, has it wrong. It is just the opposite. Moving to ESPN allows the opportunity to reach more people across platforms, and that's what we believe will happen."

There's no word yet on the cost to ESPN to carry the Open and its associated events, but if past is prologue, however, consumers — i.e., YOU — will likely foot the bill through increased cable rates.


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