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Your Sunday NFL broadcast lineup for Week 13

UPDATE, THURSDAY 1:55 PM:  WDRB-Fox 41 (Louisville) will carry the New Orleans/Cincinnati game Sunday afternoon instead of Chicago/Detroit.  The listings have been updated to reflect this change.
Here is this week's lineup of NFL games on Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and Monday night.  CBS once again this week will show only a single game, while Fox has the doubleheader.

(EARLY) Gus Johnson
Steve Tasker
***UPDATED 12/2 -- WDRB Fox 41 changed; see below*** StationsGameAnnouncing Team CHICAGO BEARS
John Lynch
FOX LATE GAME StationsGameAnnouncing Team DALLAS COWBOYS
Troy Aikman ST. LOUIS RAMS
Kurt Warner
StationsGameGame Time NEW…

103GBF, Henderson Chevy and local police and fire departments team up for "911 Gives Hope for the Holidays" Toy Drive

You can help spread some holiday cheer to kids in area hospitals with 103GBF's second Radiothon for 911 Gives Hope.
103GBF along with Henderson Chevrolet-Buick-GMC and local police and fire departments are participating in the second "911 Gives Hope for the Holidays" Toy Drive. They will be live from the Eastside Walmart parking lot from this Friday morning (Dec. 3) at 5:00 AM until late Sunday evening (Dec. 5), filling a 50 foot trailer full of toys and gifts for children in our very own community in our area hospitals during the holidays.
Be sure to come out and help with this great cause, folks!

CBS to replace entire "Early Show" anchor team; Hill, Wragge, Glor and Castro to replace Smith, Rodriguez and Price

(COURTESY OF CBS via CBS44 WEVV)  Effective Jan. 3, Erica Hill and Chris Wragge will be the new co-anchors of CBS News’ "THE EARLY SHOW."  Jeff Glor will serve as the broadcast’s news anchor and Marysol Castro will join CBS News as the broadcast’s weather anchor.  The appointments were announced today by Sean McManus, President, CBS News and Sports, and David Friedman, executive producer of THE EARLY SHOW.
“THE EARLY SHOW is an important element of CBS News,” said McManus.  “We constantly focus on how to improve the broadcast, and we think we have a terrific combination in Erica, Chris, Jeff and Marysol.  In the year since David has taken the helm, he has produced some outstanding programming and shown a deep, thoughtful understanding of morning television.  This new team brings vibrancy, intelligence and warmth that I think America will grow to love.” 

“Erica, Chris, Jeff and Marysol are four accomplished broadcasters who already have proven track records and loyal following…

FCC OKs WAY-FM Henderson translator's move to 92.1, assigns new call sign

As I told you recently, Christian broadcaster WAY-FM's current Evansville-area translator station is going to get an HD Radio feed on WDKS' 106.1-2, but the group also sought approval to move its existing station from 91.9 to 92.1 FM.  The move was required under FCC rules for a noncommercial station translating a station that broadcasts on a commercial frequency, as WAY's station soon will.
That move was OK'd last week by the Federal Communications Commission, along with a new call sign for the station.  Formerly known as W220DV (as 91.9 is channel 220 in FCC parlance), the relocated station, which will be licensed to Evansville instead of Henderson, will be known as W221CM. The new translator will have a much larger reach, both courtesy of its new HD signal and on 92.1, as it will pump out 150 watts, versus the 10-watt signal now in operation.
No word yet on when the actual move will take place, but I would anticipate that it will be relatively soon.

High school hoops begin on NEWS 25 Sports Channel Tuesday night

If you're a regular watcher of the NEWS 25 Sports Channel, by now you've seen high school football, USI basketball, sports talk and more.  But if you think you've seen it all, you haven't.
Now the station is preparing to begin televising high school basketball games.  The first such game will feature a Warrick County rivalry, as the Boonville Pioneers travel to Castle to take on the Knights.
The game will air tomorrow night at 7:30 PM on channel 25.2.

News updates coming later today

I'm on the road once again this morning, so news updates today won't be posted until later this afternoon.  There should be quite a bit to talk about today, so be sure to check back here.
Until then, have a great Monday!

Absolutely horrible: Chargers thrash Colts 36-14

I'm so ticked off about this game that I'm not even going to get into statistics.  This was, simply, the worst performance I've seen the Colts turn in since Caldwell yanked the starters against the Jets last season.
But this time it happened with the starters.
There's no excuse for it, and if Indianapolis wants any hope of a postseason at all, things are gonna have to change.  People are going to get healthy, and Jacksonville's gonna have to start losing games.
And the Colts will have to start winning again.  Immediately.

HALFTIME, WEEK 12 -- Chargers 16, Colts 14

For much of the first half, one could be forgiven for wondering "Who are these guys, and what have they done with the Colts?"  Things just weren't going well.  Manning got picked off twice and the Chargers jumped out to a 16-7 lead.
Then a Blair White TD late in the half put the Colts to within two, and that's where things stand at halftime.
Peyton Manning is 18-of-27 for 197 yards against the Chargers' Philip Rivers, who is 8-for-12 with 72 yards. 
On the ground is where the Chargers are hurting the Colts the most.  Mike Tolbert and Darren Sproles have combined for 72 rushing yards.  Donald Brown has all 10 of the Colts' yards on the ground.  That's not good.
The Colts' triumvirate of Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne and Jacob Tamme, however, have caught a combined 13 passes for 152 yards.  That tops the Chargers' 64 receiving yards.
Hopefully things get turned around in the second half!

Sources report that chief engineer and reporter are leaving NEWS 25, with more possibly to come

Sources tell JDTVB this weekend that NEWS 25 is losing more personnel.
Reporter Jillian Petrus, who joined the station earlier this year, is said to be taking a new job in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the city where she worked prior to coming to the Tri-State.
But perhaps the biggest surprise -- at least to me -- is word that the station's chief engineer, Darren Gibson, is also leaving for a job outside of broadcasting.
I've also been told that more departures may also be in the offing, but nothing has yet been confirmed.  I'll keep you posted.

*UPDATED* Legendary comedy actor Leslie Nielsen, star of "Airplane!" and "Naked Gun" films, dies at 84

UPDATE, 9:05 PM:  Nielsen's agent released a statement this evening confirming that the actor died today at 5:34 PM Eastern time at a Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. hospital.

Legendary comedic actor Leslie Nielsen, whom film critic Roger Ebert dubbed "the Olivier of spoofs," has died from complications of pneumonia, according to a nephew.  A Manitoba radio station was the first to report the news this evening.
He was 84.
The Canadian-born actor starred in more than 100 films and some 1,500 television programs during his long and distinguished career, including 1980's "Airplane!" and the popular "The Naked Gun" series of films made between 1988 and 1994.
Additionally, he created a hilarious series of golf videos in the 1990s which were enjoyed by many.  His deadpan delivery of his golf credo -- "I don't play golf to feel bad.  I play bad golf, but I feel good!" -- still gets me rolling every time.
And then there's this classic from "Airpl…

Colts Injury Report, Week 12 (Opponent: San Diego Chargers)

Unlike last week against the Patriots, the Colts come into this Sunday's game at home against another team that's just about as banged up as they are, if not more so.  We're talking about the San Diego Chargers, who, at 5-5, need to beat the Colts.  Of course, we need to beat THEM, too.
The thing to remember is this:  Despite all the injuries and the difficulty in getting new guys up to speed (which the Colts have actually done quite well), this game is certainly winnable for Jim Caldwell's team.  After all, the game is at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the 12th Man, the best fans on the planet.
We'll see how it goes tomorrow night on NBC.
EDITOR'S NOTE:  In the tables below, DNP signifies that the player(s) did not practice.  LP means limited participation, while FP indicates full participation.
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS INJURIESOutDoubtful 75% chance these players WILL NOT play Questionable
50/50 chance these players WILL NOT play Austin Collie (WR), concussion
DNP Wed/Thu, L…

The Weekender - Turkey Coma Edition

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday, and that you survived Black Friday.  My wife and daughter were the only souls in my house brave enough to stand in line for hours in the cold, and I've little doubt that it'll take them a couple of days to recover from it.
I'll be back tomorrow with the Colts Injury Report, and of course we'll have the NFL Scoreboard during the day on Sunday and the Colts wrap-up following Sunday Night Football.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24What's in my Thanksgiving Day column in the Courier & Press? Let's take a lookWYNG newsman Jones retires; station to refocus news efforts on Wabash, Edwards and Gibson countiesTime Warner Cable to begin offering new package with specific-time service appointments, but it'll cost youThis TV gets a sister network with eyes on RTV; Weigel's Me-TV going national
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23Two games and a slaughter of the Lions highlight Thanksgiving's NFL scheduleIndia…

What's in my Thanksgiving Day column in the Courier & Press tomorrow? Let's take a look

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and while I won't be posting here at JDTVB, you'll be able to read about the following TV and radio news from this past week in tomorrow's Courier & Press.  Here's what's on my plate: Learn about Fox 7's "Caravan of Caring" and sponsorship of this year's "Toys for Tots" campaignFive local stations won Spectrum Awards from the Indiana Broadcasters Association this year; find out which ones got the nod and why they wonWe welcome Fox 7's new reporter, Drew Gardner, and say farewell to NEWS 25's Courtney GousmanAnd just for UK basketball fans, learn about a special Thanksgiving treat on the NEWS 25 Sports Channel as the Wazoo Sports Network broadcasts three classic Wildcat NCAA championship basketball games from 1958, 1966 and 1996On behalf of my family, I wish you and yours a happy, safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  I'll be back on Friday with any news that breaks, the Weekender, and a look ahead…

WYNG newsman Jones retires; station to refocus news efforts on Wabash, Edwards and Gibson counties

Galen Jones, who has been the news director at Mt. Carmel radio station WYNG (94.9 FM) since May of this year, reported his last newscast today.  Spencer Peach, the station's webmaster and social media coordinator, informed me of this news this afternoon, and I would like to take the opportunity to wish Jones a very happy and enjoyable retirement.
With Jones' departure, Josh Baxter will step into the breach and handle anchoring duties.  Peach and Rodger Beard will pick up some reporting duties as well.
"We are looking forward to a whole new direction in our newscasts as we refocus them towards our innermost counties: Wabash, Edwards, and Gibson," Peach told me this afternoon.  "You'll also hear a lot more community issues and events during our newscasts."
"We also will begin more of a focus on breaking news and weather with a new policy to cover events live on the air as they break."
Indeed, to give more coverage in severe weather situations, the …

Time Warner Cable to begin offering new package with specific-time service appointments, but it'll cost you

Most of us who have (or had) Time Warner Cable service are familiar with how their service appointments are set up.  The best you can expect is a three-hour window during which time you have to sit and wait for the technician to show up, while you could be doing something more productive with those three hours you'll never get back.
Now the cable giant is cooking up something new -- specificappointments -- but in order to get that luxury, which, in all honesty, shouldn't be a luxury at all, it's going to cost you.
A lot.
TWC is testing a new "Signature Home" package in Charlotte, N.C., Bloomberg reports, which includes a whole bunch of channels you probably won't watch, faster internet service, two DVRs and "higher-end service," whatever that means.
I hope you're sitting down:  To get this "higher-end service," the toll is $189.95 a month.
In truth, that's only about $25 higher than what I was forking over to TWC for digital cable and …

This TV gets a sister network with eyes on RTV; Weigel's Me-TV going national

Even though it's been nearly four months since RTV and its classic TV programming left the air here in the Tri-State, I still get at least one e-mail a week asking when -- or if -- it will return.
Now that network is getting another competitor, and this one looks really good.
You may recall back in September that I told you about Tribune Co.'s "Antenna TV," which will debut in January.  It's meant to complement This TV, which some of Tribune's stations (including WTTV and WTTK in the Indianapolis area) now carry, and of course WFIE carries This TV here.
Not to be outdone, This TV partner Weigel Broadcasting is taking its Chicago-based "Me-TV" service, which airs classic shows like "Bonanza," "I Love Lucy," "Perry Mason" and others, national.  While its announcement comes after that of Antenna TV, Me-TV will actually debut first (on Dec. 8, to be precise) but only in Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend ... for now, anyway, be…

Two games and a slaughter of the Lions highlight Thanksgiving's NFL schedule

If you were here earlier and saw this Sunday's NFL television schedule, you could be forgiven for thinking, "That lineup looks a little thin."
There's a reason for that.  It is a little thin, and it's because there are three games that will be played on Thursday, which is, of course, Thanksgiving Day.
While the NFL claims that there are three games to be played this year, I respectfully disagree.  It's more like two games and the annual ritual slaughter of the Detroit Lions, who play the day's first game.
And this year's traditional Lions game will likely end up as even more of a massacre than usual, since the dastardly, rotten, awful, horrible, obnoxious, vile, cruel, demonic New England Patriots (did I mention I don't like them?) will visit Detroit's Ford Field.  It won't be pretty, but if you are sadistic enough to want to watch Tom "Too Old for Bieber Hair" Brady & Co. do what I know they will do, it'll be on CBS at 11:3…

Indiana state football championship games to air on NEWS 25 Sports Channel and area radio stations Friday and Saturday

Indiana's high school football champions will be crowned this Friday and Saturday, and the NEWS 25 Sports Channel, as a member of the IHSAA Champions Television Network, will have all the action on air starting at 2:30 PM CT Friday afternoon.
The games will all be played on the hallowed ground of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
And not only will you be able to watch on TV, but you'll also have the option of watching online (click here for that) and listening on the radio via the stations of the IHSAA/Methodist Sports Medicine Championship Radio Network.  In Southwestern Indiana, those stations are:

WBNL (1540, Boonville)WGBF-AM (1280, Evansville)WQKZ (98.5, Ferdinand)WITZ-FM (104.7, Jasper)WRZR (94.5, Loogootee)WRCY (1590, Mt. Vernon)WYFX (106.7, Mt. Vernon)WAXL (103.3, Santa Claus)WAOV (1450, Vincennes)WFML (96.7, Vincennes)WAMW-AM (1580, Washington)      WAMW-FM (107.9, Washington)     
The game schedule follows the jump.

Your Sunday NFL broadcast lineup for Week 12

Here is this week's lineup of NFL games on Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and Monday night.  Personally, I think the choice for Monday night couldn't be much worse, but hey, it's ESPN.

CBS SINGLE GAME StationsGameAnnouncing Team
(EARLY) Ian Eagle
(LATE) Kevin Harlan
Solomon Wilcots
FOX EARLY GAME StationsGameAnnouncing Team GREEN BAY at ATLANTAThom Brennaman
Brian Billick
FOX LATE GAME StationsGameAnnouncing Team PHILADELPHIA at CHICAGOKenny Albert
Daryl Johnston
Tony Siragusa ST. LOUIS at DENVERRon Pitts
John Lynch
StationsGameGame Time SAN DIEGO at INDIANAPOLIS7:20 PM CT

8:20 PM ET
StationsGameGame Time SAN FRANCISCO at ARIZONA7:30 PM CT

8:30 PM ET

14WFIE preparing to retool "Sunrise" slightly: Coming changes will spell the end of the "Xtra" hour from 7 to 8 AM

If you've grown fond of that "xtra" hour of "14 News Sunrise" on WFIE's 14Xtra (ch. 14.2), you'd be well advised to enjoy it for the next three days, because it's going away after Friday's edition.
WFIE news director C.J. Hoyt tells me that the station is preparing to do something a little different. 
"We’re re-tooling our morning show slightly," he explained to me this afternoon, although he gave no details as to what changes lie ahead.  I guess we'll have to watch and see what they're up to.
The 7:00 to 8:00 hour may not be newsless forever, though.  If it does return, though, chances are that it'll seem like deja vu all over again.  "We will likely be doing a re-air of the 6am hour from 7am-8am on 14Xtra eventually," Hoyt said.

USI/Brescia basketball game to be televised live tonight at 7 on the NEWS 25 Sports Channel

Tonight's men's basketball game between USI and Brescia will be televised tonight live on the NEWS 25 Sports Channel (ch. 25.2) beginning at 7:00 PM.
The Screaming Eagles are 3-0 coming into tonight's game, having defeated Ohio Dominican, King College and McKendree.  Brescia is 2-1, coming off a loss against Bethel University.  The Bearcats' two wins came against OSU-Lima and Cincinnati Clermont.
It should be an exciting game!

Illinois high school football championships to air on 14Xtra Friday and Saturday

If you tune in to WFIE's 14Xtra channel (14.2) on Friday and Saturday and see football, there's nothing wrong with your set.
As I told you a while back, 14Xtra is now the Tri-State's TV home for the Illinois High School Association's sports championships, and you'll have the opportunity to see the state title games on Friday (classes 1A-4A) and Saturday (classes 5A-8A) from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM CT both days.
The schedule of games follows the jump.

14WFIE to air Aces game at Butler Saturday afternoon

UPDATE, 6:40 PM:Tomorrow's Aces game against Middle Tennessee at Roberts Stadium will be available online at where that is available.  As always, too, you can listen to all the Aces games on WUEV (91.5 FM) or online at

If you're not able to make it to Saturday afternoon's Aces game against Butler in Indianapolis, you'll be able to watch it on TV.
14WFIE will air the game on channel 14.1 -- in place of the Grambling State vs. Southern Bayou Classic game -- beginning at 1:00 PM CT.
The station is picking up the feed from Indianapolis MyNetwork TV affiliate WNDY-TV (MyINDY 23), and while you'll see and hear their announcers, WFIE will give the game a local feel by adding their own graphics instead of those that WNDY uses.
Go Aces!

Just in time for holiday shopping: NBC's "Today" lists companies with 'naughty' and 'nice' shopping policies

UPDATE, 4:05 PM: Reader tlwest70 sendsthis link to Consumer Reports' website, which has the complete list of "naughty" and "nice" companies, some of which are not included in the video below.  Thanks for the update!

Just in time for the holiday shopping season (you mean you're not already done?), NBC's "Today" show featured a list of companies with "naughty" and "nice" shopping policies, as determined by consumer watchdog magazine Consumer Reports.
Check out the video below for all the details:
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

ABC News moving correspondents around like chess pieces

ABC News announced today that a large number of the networks' news correspondents are being moved to other bureaus, both here in the U.S. and around the world.
You might need a scorecard to figure out where everyone's going, or you can just read the network's release about the changes after the jump. 

ABC wins Friday night with "20/20" Cher interview; NBC continues Sunday ratings leadership with football

Whatever you may think of Cher, what was true in the 1970s is still true today.  She's a ratings machine.  Maybe not as much as she used to be, but she did draw enough viewers to "20/20" on Friday night to put ABC in the #1 spot for the night.
Overall, ABC won the night by a super-slim margin, according to Media Life, scoring a 1.6 rating and a 5 share, barely ahead of CBS and Spanish-language network Univision, which shared second place with a 1.5/5 showing.
And how's this for interesting?  The CW network was next behind ABC, CBS and Univision, followed by NBC and Fox tied for dead last.  Looks like those two are just phoning it in on Fridays.
"20/20" and Univision's "Soy Tu Dueña" tied for top show of the night, each scoring a 2.0 rating. 
Sunday night, of course, was a different story.
NBC's "Sunday Night Football"scored a 15.9 rating as the Philadelphia Eagles put the spikes into the New York Jets last night.  It was "SNF'…

KET wants to hear about your special moments watching the network

(COURTESY OF KET) KET viewer Rena Brashear of Letcher County recently shared her favorite childhood memories of KET programming (see video below). Without KET, she says, "I would not have known about the New York Philharmonic or Baryshnikov, or Egyptology."
Now, Rena watches Nova, Celtic Woman, and documentaries with her own children on KET. She calls KET a "lifeline into another world beyond the mountains of Eastern Kentucky."
Do you have KET moments, past or current, that you want to share? The network wants to hear your stories. Upload your video, telling how KET has made a difference for you, to KET's Facebook page at
Videos may be used on air during KET's upcoming pledge drive, WinterPledge 2010, Nov. 27 through Dec. 5.

Gousman leaving NEWS 25 for St. Louis

NEWS 25 weekend anchor and reporter Courtney Gousman anchored her final newscast at the station earlier tonight.
Gousman, a Chicago native, started at WEHT in November 2006, and after four years in the Tri-State, she announced at the end of tonight's 10:00 newscast that she will be moving to St. Louis.
I do not know which station she'll be working for as of this writing, but as soon as I have that information, I'll get it to you.
Best of luck, Courtney!

So close, yet so far away: Interception stalls Colts comeback, Patriots win 31-28

It looked like a repeat of last year's comeback at Foxboro up until the bitter end, but a New England interception stalled the Colts' final drive down the field, leading to Indianapolis' fourth loss of the season, 31-28.
The Colts fall to 6-4, while the hated Patriots advance to 8-2 on the season.
Peyton Manning was 38-of-52 for the day, passing for 396 yards and four TDs.  Unfortunately, he also had three INTs, including the one that sealed the win for the Patsies.  Tom "You got purty hair" Brady was 19-of-25 for 186 yards.
Rushing is still not the Colts' long suit, as the team picked up a mere 71 yards on the ground today (68 for Donald Brown and 3 for Javarris James).
I think our good friend @Sandtiger said it best on Twitter, though:  "Congrats Pats. You barely managed to beat a Colts team playing 5th stringers and people who were on the street at the beginning of the season."
And this game easily could have gone the Colts' way, make no mistake a…

HALFTIME, WEEK 11 -- Patriots 21, Colts 14

This one might be a squeaker yet, although it certainly didn't look that way for much of the first half.
The teams went into the locker room with the Patriots holding a 21-14 lead over the Colts.
The Patriots jumped out to an early 14-0 lead, followed up by a Gijon Robinson TD for the Colts, then another New England TD and finally, with single digits left on the clock in the second quarter, a beautiful 11-yard pass from Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne put another score on the board for Indianapolis.
Manning was 19/26 in the first half for 221 yards with one interception, while Tom "Too Old for Bieber Hair" Brady is 12/14 for 131 yards.
The Patriots are rushing the ball much better than the Colts, picking up 46 yards in the first two periods, while the Colts have just nine yards.  Donald Brown has eight carries for seven yards, and Javarris James carried the ball twice for two yards.
When it comes to catching passes, Reggie Wayne has hauled in five of 'em for 77 yards; Aus…

Colts Injury Report, Week 11 (Opponent: New England Patriots)

One look at the Colts' injury report this week tells a pretty big story.  This team is still hurting.
That said, the Colts have managed to come together and play pretty well with the guys who are able to get on the field, so maybe it won't be so bad.  Let's hope that's the case, anyway.
Here's who's out: RB Joseph Addai (neck)LB Gary Brackett (toe)RB Mike Hart (ankle)DB Bob Sanders (biceps)LB Clint Session (elbow)DB Justin Tryon (foot)And here's the list of players described as questionable: WR Austin Collie (concussion); practiced FridayTE Brody Eldridge (rib); practiced FridayDB Aaron Francisco (rib); limited participation in Friday's practiceDB Kelvin Hayden (neck); practiced FridayWR Reggie Wayne (knee); practiced FridayWR Blair White (shoulder); practiced FridayThe Patriots are, by comparison, almost completely healthy.  QB Tom Brady (ugh!) missed practice Wednesday and was limited Thursday and Friday, but he did that last week against Pittsburgh, too…

**UPDATED: NOT QUITE OVER YET** High school football season ends in the Tri-State

UPDATE, 9:55 PM:  OOPS!!!  I forgot Owensboro Catholic is still in contention.  They will play next Friday night.  My apologies to OC fans.
It's been a tough couple of days for the four high school football teams playing to earn a chance at state titles here in the Tri-State.
Last night, both Mater Dei and Henderson County lost their respective games, while today, Mt. Carmel and Reitz also went down to defeat.
But look at the bright side:  All four of these teams had great seasons, and they'll be back next year along with all the other fine teams in the area to do it all over again.
And as I look ahead, I'd say we've got plenty to look forward to, and these fine, upstanding young guys have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  They represented this entire area very well, and we should all be proud of that!

The Weekender: 50,000th Visitor Edition

As with most weeks, there was quite a bit to cover this time around, so here is your weekly look back at what happened in TV and radio in the Tri-State.
If you looked at the title of this post, you know there's something else I want to mention, too.  On Thursday, JDTVB reached another milestone: 50,000 visitors have stopped by to check this site out since I started keeping track on Sept. 23, 2009.  I am humbled to have reached that number, and I sincerely thank all of you for making it happen.
Have a great weekend, and be sure to stop by Sunday for the NFL Scoreboard and the Colts wrapup!
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19Planning on listening to the UE/IU game Sunday on WUEV?  You'll hear a familiar voiceAll in the interest of being unbiased?  I don't think so:  MSNBC suspends Scarborough for Republican donationsOK, now I get it:  WAY-FM in Evansville will get HD2 carriage on WDKS; existing translator will move to 92.1Radar down?  14WFIE's Dual Doppler out of commission temporarilyVinc…

Planning on listening to the UE/IU game Sunday on WUEV? You'll hear a familiar voice

If you tune in to Sunday's basketball game between the UE Purple Aces and the Indiana Hoosiers on WUEV (on the radio at 91.5 FM and online at, you'll hear a familiar voice calling the action for the Aces for the first time.
Lance Wilkerson will be calling play-by-play for the Aces for the first time Sunday afternoon, and based on the e-mails I've been getting, I know many are looking forward to listening.
Let's go, ACES!!!

All in the interest of being unbiased? I don't think so: MSNBC suspends Scarborough for Republican donations

Just two weeks after suspending "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann for his donations to Democratic candidates in the recent midterm elections, MSNBC has now suspended "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough for doing the same thing with four Republican candidates.
Scarborough, like Olbermann, will serve a two-day suspension.
I stayed quiet in Olbermann's case because it was VERY well documented all over the place, but now I have to say it:  This is patently ridiculous.
MSNBC is suspending its hosts -- and let's get this straight, folks:  I don't care what their political persuasion is -- for doing something that they have EVERY right to do as a citizen of this country, and that is to donate to the candidate of their choice.
I don't see the wisdom of it, frankly, and MSNBC's president, Phil Griffin, now looks even more like an idiot than he did when he suspended Olbermann.  He was roundly -- and correctly -- ridiculed before.  I can't wait to hear what…

OK, now I get it: WAY-FM in Evansville will get HD-2 carriage on WDKS; existing translator will move to 92.1

After more research and some clarification from a helpful source, I need to go back and correct the record of what's happening with WAY-FM in the Evansville area.
First off, yes, WAY will be staying around.  Let there be no mistake about that.  But instead of continuing to broadcast on 91.9 FM (in the noncommercial section of the FM band), it will be moving to 92.1, which is, indeed, in the commercial section.
So why the move?
There has been an agreement inked between Townsquare Media, owner of WDKS (106.1 Kiss FM), that will put WAY-FM on Kiss' HD-2 signal (that'll be 106.1-2, for those of you with an HD Radio tuner), and since they've done that deal with a commercial station, the FCC requires the translator be in the commercial part of the band.
Got all that?  I think I get it now, and any way you look at it, it's a good thing for WAY-FM.