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Fox 7 planning extensive tornado anniversary and election coverage

I've told you what 14WFIE and NEWS 25 will do with their coverage of next Saturday's fifth anniversary of the November 6 tornado, but until this afternoon, I wasn't sure what Fox 7 would be doing.
Now that story -- and the story of Fox 7's election coverage -- can be told.
News director Bob Walters told me this afternoon that the station is planning to air several stories this week about the tornado, including an update on a lady whom WTVW's chief photographer helped pull from the rubble.  You may recall that some of that video was seen around the world.
But what about the election?

WTVW will have extensive election coverage on Tuesday night, not just on air but also online and via the station's mobile app.  Results will begin coming in before 7:00 PM, and during "Glee" the cut-ins will be minimized so you can enjoy the show, but crawls and cut-ins will of course be used as needed.
The Fox network will have a special one-hour broadcast from 8:00 to 9:00 PM…

NEWS 25 to look back at tornado anniversary all week, reports to air in Daybreak and 10 PM newscasts

Next Saturday marks the fifth anniversary of the deadly Nov. 6, 2005 tornado, as you probably know, and all three local stations will be marking the event in different ways.
NEWS 25 Daybreak anchor Jordan Vandenberge and meteorologist Scott Dimmich will head up the station's coverage, which begins Monday morning.
Dimmich tells me that each morning's reports will also air at 10:00 PM.
"Each day, we'll be looking back at what happened nearly five years ago, but our main focus will be for how we look forward from the tragedy," Dimmich explained. "We'll speak with victims, first responders, and the people that witnessed this tragedy first hand."
"We're very excited to see this series air; we've spent countless hours on this project," he concluded. "We can't possibly begin to understand the tragedy, but hopefully we can all learn something from it."

The Weekender

UPDATE, 10:10 PM:  The text size issue has been fixed, and I apologize for leaving it that way for so long, but I had to get out the door.

I apologize for the delay in getting the Weekender up this week, but after our trip to Lexington, it took me some time to get things back in order, and I'm about to head out the door again ... this time to take the kids trick-or-treating.
I hope you've had a great week and that you and yours enjoy a very safe and happy Halloween tonight and tomorrow, whenever your community celebrates.
We'll see you again tomorrow with the NFL Scoreboard and again on Monday!
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29I'VE USED IT, AND I LIKE IT:  Insight rolling out Mini Box to ease the move to all-digital cable ***NOW WITH LINK TO CHUCK STINNETT'S STORY IN THE GLEANER***
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28THEY'VE GOT IT COVERED:  WYNG will air election results from Wabash & Gibson counties, as well as from across the region14WFIE plans election night and tornado anniversary cove…

I'VE USED IT, AND I LIKE IT: Insight rolling out Mini Box to ease the move to all-digital cable

UPDATE, SATURDAY 11:45 AM:Chuck Stinnett of The Gleaner has writtenan article about the Mini Boxas well.  If you've lost channels on your Insight service, give them a call about it.  You should be able to get back what you're missing. Thanks to Nibby Priest for the heads-up on this! 

REPORTING FROM LEXINGTON, Ky. -- I've told you before about Insight's all-digital cable transition that's now underway in places like Lexington and Northern Kentucky.  And, since I happen to be in Lexington today, I was able to check out the company's new setup, which, for many existing customers, will involve adding something Insight calls the "Mini Box" to their sets.
Now, when they say "Mini Box," it really is.  It occupies a footprint only slightly larger than a man's billfold, although it is thicker (unless your billfold is a full one, I suppose).  It is lightweight and can be slotted into an entertainment center or wherever you choose pretty easily.
And …

THEY'VE GOT IT COVERED: WYNG will air election results from Wabash & Gibson counties, as well as across the region

Mt. Carmel station WYNG (94.9 FM) will have extensive election coverage on Tuesday night, which is important if you live in Wabash, Gibson and surrounding counties.
The station will also carry coverage from WMIX in Mt. Vernon.
Local coverage will be provided by Rodger Beard in Gibson County, with Galen Jones, Spencer Peach and Scott Allen handling Wabash County and the results from around the area.
Be sure to tune in for all the latest information!

Shuttin' it down for the afternoon ... my next report will be from Lexington

I'm shutting down the computer for the rest of the afternoon so I can finish packing and get on the road to Lexington.  My next update will be posted from there tonight.
Updates will be limited tomorrow, but I'll do my best to get some things posted while I'm there.
I hope everyone has a great evening!

14WFIE plans election night and tornado anniversary coverage next week

Next week will be a busy one indeed for the Tri-State's NBC station as 14WFIE has plans in place to air extensive coverage of Election Night 2010 and, later in the week, to mark the fifth anniversary of the Nov. 6, 2005 tornado that left 25 people dead in Vanderburgh and Warrick counties.
Here's a look at what's in store for you:

ELECTION COVERAGE On Tuesday night, news director C.J. Hoyt tells me that live cut-ins will begin during "The Biggest Loser," and after NBC's national coverage begins at 8:00 PM CT, WFIE will cut in every half-hour beginning at 8:24.
The station will also air a special one-hour newscast at 10:00 PM, with NBC's coverage resuming at 11 and running until 2:30 AM Wednesday morning.
MARKING THE ANNIVERSARY Starting next Thursday night (Nov. 4), WFIE will begin its look back at the deadly tornado with extended coverage during its newscasts at 5, 6 and 10.
"We’ll take a look at what’s changed in the five years and talk to many of the peo…

MacArthur, who played "Danno" in the original "Hawaii Five-O," dies at 72

James MacArthur, who is best known for his 11-year run as Detective Dan "Danno" Williams in the original "Hawaii Five-O" series, has died.
According to The Washington Post, MacArthur, who was the son of the late actress Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur, died yesterday at age 72, although no cause of death was released.
MacArthur starred in several movies including "Swiss Family Robinson" and "The Battle of the Bulge," and also enjoyed a stage career before joining the cast of "Five-O" in 1968.  He stayed with the series until the end of the 1978-79 season (it ended the following year).
After "Five-O," MacArthur returned to the stage, and also made a number of guest appearances on several TV series.
He will be missed.

FCC puts a freeze on new digital LPTV applications, effective today

It looks like we've probably seen the last of the applications for new digital low-power TV stations.
The FCC today released a public notice effectively closing the window they opened in August 2009 for new stations.  Here in the Tri-State, several were applied for and at least two have gotten the green light for construction, although they're not yet on the air.
In the notice, the Commission states that it is now considering a further "repacking" of the TV spectrum, which already lost channels 52-69 last year with the completion of the digital transition.  By cutting off filings for new stations, they can assess how many channels will be allocated going forward as the National Broadband Plan begins to be implemented.
What will not be affected by this freeze are digital flash-cut applications for analog LPTV stations or companion digital channels for those stations.
To read the entire notice, click here.

What's in tomorrow's column? Here's a preview!

Coming up in tomorrow's Courier & Press, you'll find this week's TV and radio column has a lot of information on several topics, such as: Your introduction to the new folks at NEWS 25 and 14WFIESunday's fire at the studios of WKTG and WFMW in MadisonvilleWMSK's upcoming 50th anniversary celebrationAnd finally, you can read about a Flora resident's big win on "The Price is Right"Be sure to pick up a copy of the paper in the morning for the whole story, or check back here at JDTVB for a link to it online -- and as always, thanks for reading!

Southern Illinois Radio Brief: WEBQ AM & FM may begin live streaming soon

WEBQ AM & FM (1240 AM/Harrisburg and 102.3 FM/Eldorado) may begin streaming some of its programming on the web soon, the station reported on its Facebook page this afternoon.
"The Baptist Hour," "Open Air Market," news and other talk programs will be available at, possibly as early as Monday.
When more information becomes available, I'll bring it to you!

Watch KET, if you dare ... Don't miss this week's spooky specials!

After you've bought your candy, perfected your costume, and carved your pumpkin, take a break and get in the mood for Halloween with KET. Scary (but not too scary) specials include a trip to Pompeii's neighboring city; a walk through some of the country's most interesting cemeteries; a profile of a very special mummy; and visits from witches, haunted houses, ghosts, and more.

First, "Secrets of the Dead" travels to Herculaneum. Just a few miles from fabled Pompeii, this city was also buried and frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. But unlike Pompeii, it was not suffocated by falling ash but instead engulfed by blistering pyroclastic flows. "Herculaneum Uncovered" airs tonight at 7:00 PM CT (8:00 ET) on KET2.

Also tonight, "Things That Go Bump in the Night" details some of New England's most bone-chilling stories, myths, and legends at 8:00 PM CT (9:00 ET) on KET2. And, "A Cemetery Special"…

Hopkins County radio station trio will have election results on air and on Facebook Tuesday night

Hopkins County radio stations WYMV, WTTL and WWKY will cover Election Night on air and online for those of you in the area next Tuesday evening.
WYMV (Y106.9) will air live results as soon as they are tallied, and will also talk with candidates on the air.  And for those who won't be able to listen live, results will also be posted on the Facebook pages of Y106.9, WTTL (ESPN Radio 1310) and WWKY (Oldies 97.7).
Coverage will begin around 6:00 PM.

Comcast profits drop 8% in third quarter; costs incurred with NBC takeover blamed

Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, reported lower third-quarter earnings today, blaming one-time costs associated with its pending purchase of NBC Universal.
The company, which serves portions of the Tri-State (Olney and Richland County, Ill., Tell City and Perry County, Ind. and Central City, Greenville and Muhlenberg Co., Ky.), saw an 8% decline in profit compared to the same period in 2009.
On the upside (at least from Comcast's perspective!), revenue climbed 7 percent to $9.49 billion from $8.85 billion in 2009.  Part of this is no doubt due to the company's average consumer's bill, which the Associated Press reports has reached $129.75 per month.  That's good for them, I guess, but it's a pretty sizable wallet hit for the customers, I'm sure.
Once the costs of the NBCU transaction are dealt with, I have a feeling with that kind of revenue, Comcast will be seeing higher profits soon enough ... but I'll leave it for you to decide if that'…

Southern Illinois TV News: DTV America Corp. submits four digital LPTV apps for Mt. Vernon, Ill.

Those of you in close proximity to Mt. Vernon, Ill. may want to take note of this development:  DTV America Corporation has filed four applications with the FCC seeking permission to build low-power DTV stations in the Mt. Vernon area.
The applications are for channels 36, 38, 42 and 48, and as is the usual practice, one may get the OK, but it's doubtful that all four would be approved.
All would broadcast at an effective radiated power of 15 kW from a tower near Bluford.
I'll keep you posted as more info becomes available.

How will the #1 network make room for midseason shows? CBS chooses careful trimming

CBS has posted ratings wins for five consecutive weeks, which is an impressive feat, but with that success comes a bit of a problem:  "How do we make room for the crop of midseason shows that also look like winners?"
The answer, at least for now, is to judiciously cut back on some of its other shows.  "Medium," the Patricia Arquette drama that moved from NBC to CBS last year, is getting its season trimmed from 22 episodes to 13, according to the Hollywood Insider.
H.I. reports that the series isn't in danger of cancellation, but it's not doing quite as well, say, as most of CBS' other shows.
The move will make room for at least one new entry, the "Criminal Minds" spinoff that will star Forest Whitaker.
I am curious to see where else CBS cuts back, because just about all of its other programs are doing well enough to merit remaining as they are.  I'll let you know when I find out.

THE BOTTOM LINE: All Christmas all the time ... will it happen on radio here this year?

Some may find it hard to believe, but radio station WSMM up in South Bend has already switched to Christmas music, the first in the country this year.  It happened a week ago -- yes, a week before Halloween! -- and as you can probably imagine, the move is seen by some as unusual, even though it's really not.
WSMM's switch isn't even the earliest on record -- from what I've been able to determine, the record belongs to St. Louis station WXOS, which went all-Christmas on Oct. 10, 2008.  More on that in a minute.
Inside Radio records show that a whopping 484 (!) stations went all-Christmas at some point last year.  That was up 12% from 2008 and a 73% increase from just five years earlier.
That got me to thinking ... will a wall-to-wall Christmas station surface here in the Tri-State this year?  And if so, when and where?
At this point, I don't know.  But don't be surprised if it does happen somewhere.
One reason that often precipitates such a stunt is a format change. …

ON AIR NOW: WNIN hosting 8th District Congressional debate

WNIN is hosting a debate between Republican Dr. Larry Bucshon and Democrat Trent Van Haaften right now on air and online.
Bucshon and Van Haaften are competing for the 8th District House seat being vacated by current Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-Evansville), who is seeking the state's open Senate seat.

BOILER UP, EVANSVILLE! Purdue basketball returns to News Talk 1280 beginning Nov. 2

While this may be a trying season for the Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team with Robbie Hummel injured again, Evansville-area fans will once again this year have the opportunity to hear the Boilers on WGBF-AM News Talk 1280.
The first game, against Indianapolis at Mackey Arena, will air on November 2, with pregame coverage airing at 5:45 PM CT and tipoff at 6:00 PM CT.
As soon as an updated list of the other Tri-State stations carrying Purdue basketball is released, I'll be sure to bring it to you.

WFIW's "Meet the Candidates" forum tonight will be on air but not online

The "Meet the Candidates" forum set for 7:00 PM this evening on Fairfield radio station WFIW-FM (104.9 FM) will not be streamed online at as originally planned.
The station reports that their streaming computer caught a virus, but you will, however, be able to hear the program on the radio.

ABC cancels "The Whole Truth," NBC's "The Event" and "Chase" hit ratings lows

It looks like ABC is taking the lead in cancellations this season.
The network has already dumped "My Generation," and now it appears that "The Whole Truth," the legal drama starring Maura Tierney, is evidently getting the hook as well.
"Truth" has never taken off, and last week was the 69th-most-watched show on TV.  Ouch.
Next Wednesday (Nov. 3), ABC plans to slot a Robin Roberts-hosted country music special in "Truth's" timeslot, and the following week is the Country Music Awards, so I guess we'll see if country music trumps the courtroom.
Meanwhile, over at NBC, just a week after announcing full-season pickups for "The Event" and "Chase," the latter of which stars UE grad Kelli Giddish, both shows tanked in the ratings.  "The Event" drew a 2.0, while "Chase" managed a mere 1.3.  Those performances dragged NBC down to fourth for the night.
Can a change of heart be in the offing at the Peacock Network?…

Your Sunday NFL broadcast lineup for Week 8

It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through the NFL's regular season, but sure enough, here we are in Week 8.

As usual, if you're a Rams fan and want to watch the game for free, I hope you have a friend who can receive KBSI, because that's the only option you've got this week.

And if you're a Colts fan, Monday night's game is on ESPN, so find a friend or family member with cable or satellite ... or you could do what I'm going to swallow my pride and do, and that's listen to Bob Lamey.

CBS SINGLE GAME Station(s)GameAnnouncing Team JACKSONVILLE at DALLAS (Early) Jim Nantz and Phil Simms TENNESSEE at SAN DIEGO (Late)Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts MIAMI at CINCINNATI (Early) Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots BUFFALO at KANSAS CITY (Early)Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker
FOX EARLY GAME Station(s)GameAnnouncing Team GREEN BAY at NEW YORK JETSKenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa CAROLINA at ST. LOUISDick Stockton, Charles Davis and Jim Mora Jr.

*UPDATED* Want to hear Friday night's football sectional semifinals on the radio? I've got the list!

UPDATE, WEDNESDAY 2:15 PM:  Some changes have been made to the final list of stations for Friday night.  Added stations are shown in the grid below in bold green print., while deleted stations will be shown like this.

UPDATE, 5:45 PM:  @viqwithaq reports that WYFX is running promos for the Mater Dei/Forest Park game.  Given that information, I have removed WYFX from the Reitz/Northview game as shown below.

UPDATE, 5:15 PM:  The list I received -- and published -- shows WYFX (106.7 FM) broadcasting two games at the same time.  Obviously, that's incorrect, and I am working to figure out which of the two games the station is actually going to air.  I'll update you as soon as I know for sure.
Friday night's football sectional semifinal games in Indiana should be pretty exciting, and I know many of you will want to be there to cheer your teams on in person.  However, not everyone who wants to go will be able to, so I'm posting the list of radio stations that will carry each g…

Have a special talent? If you audition for Evansville ARC's "Really Big Show," you could land on "America's Got Talent"

It's that time of the year again -- folks from around the Tri-State with special talents will come out to audition for the "Really Big Show," which benefits Evansville ARC.
The "Really Big Show" features local talent performing comedy, songs, and dance. A largely volunteer cast and crew produce the annual benefit, which is hosted by Jeff Lyons, chief meteorologist for 14WFIE.  It's set for Feb. 12, 2011 at The Centre in downtown Evansville.
Auditions are being held this Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM CT (11 to 3 Eastern) at the Civic Theater Annex in Washington Square Mall, according to the Courier & Press14WFIE will be on hand to tape the auditions, which will also be sent to the hit NBC show "America's Got Talent."
But if you can't make it out to the mall on Saturday, don't worry -- there's another way you can enter.  Just upload your own videos to  The number of hits each video receives will determine t…

Some NewWave, Mediacom and Comcast customers to see Murray State basketball games this season

Murray State Athletics and NewWave Communications are pleased to announce the third season of the Racer Television Network and the live broadcast schedule of 11 MSU men’s basketball games.

In 2008, the Racer TV Network was a groundbreaking venture that has grown to an audience of more than 100,000 homes on the cable systems of NewWave Communications, Mediacom and Comcast. The games are available to these systems’ customers at no additional charge.

Class 2A sectional semifinal between Mater Dei & Forest Park to air on NEWS 25 Sports Channel

Coming up this Friday night, the NEWS 25 Sports Channel will bring you Indiana Class 2A football sectional semifinal action as the Mater Dei Wildcats travel to Ferdinand to take on the Forest Park Rangers.
Kickoff is set for 6:35 PM CT (7:35 ET), and of course Lance Wilkerson and Mark McVicar will bring you all the action from beginning to end.  It should be an exciting game!

WTHI-TV puts The Cool TV on the air today

If you live in the northernmost portion of the Tri-State and enjoy watching music videos, you've got a new choice starting today.
Terre Haute CBS affiliate WTHI-TV has flipped the switch on channel 10.2 and added The Cool TV, an all-music video channel that I told you about last month.
Here's what WTHI had to say about the new channel: "Powered by COOL Music network, The COOL TV is a 24/7 customized multicast television channel that reflects the musical tastes of the Wabash Valley. It will give the music fans what they want and how they want it." The station says that the new channel will be available both over the air and also on many of the cable systems which carry WTHI.
One thing many viewers may miss, however, is WTHI's Storm Team 10 Fury live radar.  While that will no longer be available on 10.2, it will be offered online at the station's website.

Are there ghosts in the Carpenter House? During "The Haunting of WNIN" this Saturday, we'll see!

The Haunting of WNIN will be the very first paranormal convention in Evansville, held at the historic Carpenter Home this Saturday beginning at 11:00 AM CT. The Haunting of WNIN will feature guest speakers and vendors from across the Tri-State.
The convention will be all day with an exclusive lock-in at WNIN. Tickets are available for the convention and speaker or a full day ticket that includes the lock-in. From the most skeptic to the most seasoned ghost hunter... there will be something for everyone!

Your choice of Senate debates on TV tonight: KET covers Ky., WNIN, WFIE & WEHT have Ind.

If you're not yet tired of the political season, you'll have ample opportunity in most of the Tri-State to get your fill of it this evening, as both the Kentucky and Indiana U.S. Senate candidates square off in their final debates before the Nov. 2 election.
On KET, Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul will face each other on "Kentucky Tonight."  The debateairs at 7:00 PM CT (8:00 ET) and you'll find it on channel 31.1, 35.1 or 53.1, depending upon where you live.
North of the Ohio River, if it's the Indiana Senate race you seek, Brad Ellsworth (D), Rebecca Sink-Burris (L) and Dan Coats (R) will hold their debate at the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center on the campus of Vincennes University tonight.  It's going to air on WNIN (9.1), WFIE's 14Xtra subchannel (14.2) and WEHT's NEWS 25 Sports Channel (25.2) at 7:00 PM CT (8:00 ET).
And, of course, if you're just plain tired of politics, how about a little basketball therapy?  USI fans will…

"Rodney Watson on Basketball" premieres Monday night at 7 on WYFX 106.7


The “Rodney Watson on Basketball” radio show begins Monday night at 7:00 PM CT and will be broadcast live from Turoni’s Pizzeria and Brewery on Main Street. The weekly show will air on WYFX 106.7 FM throughout the 2010-11 season.

The show features University of Southern Indiana men’s basketball head coach Rodney Watson, the 2010 GLVC Coach of the Year, and Dan Egierski, who will discuss the Screaming Eagles and college basketball. The pair also will take questions from the audience at Turoni’s.

"Minimal" damage reported after fire strikes WKTG/WFMW studios in Madisonville

Roof work is being blamed for a fire this morning in Madisonville at the studios of WKTG (93.9 FM) and WFMW (730 AM) that forced both stations off the air for about an hour.
The Madisonville Fire Department was called at around 10:00 AM and firefighters were able to knock down the fire fairly quickly.
WFMW reports that only minimal damage was incurred in one of the offices, and power has been restored to both stations.
WKTG and WFMW are owned by Sound Broadcasters, Inc.

The All-New Weekender: Your look back at what made news in Tri-State TV & radio this week


Those Indiana Republican TV campaign ads ... they're like déjà vu all over again (WITH VIDEO)

The other night, while watching one of our local TV stations (I won't say which one, but some of you will likely remember), three -- count 'em, three -- campaign ads aired, featuring Republican Indiana House candidates, right in a row.
There's nothing inherently wrong with that.  Indeed, campaign ads this time of year often outnumber (or at least they seem to outnumber) regular commercials.
But these were different, and by that I mean ... they weren'tdifferent.  All three people basically looked into the camera and read the exact same message.
I was slack-jawed.
Surprisingly, so far none of our local stations have done any reporting on this, at least not that I'm aware of, but veteran political reporter Jim Shella of Indianapolis' CBS affiliate, WISH-TV, did.  He found that the ads are produced by Gov. Mitch Daniels' political action committee (PAC), Aiming Higher.  Evidently it was cheaper to do them in what Shella calls "cookie cutter" fashion.

New face at NEWS 25: Kelley Ashford is WEHT's new reporter/producer

There's another new face on Tri-State television, this time at WEHT.
Kelley Ashford has joined the NEWS 25 team as a weekday reporter and producer of the station's weekend newscasts.
A graduate of Gonzaga University, Ashford spent nearly 5 years at KDRV, the ABC affiliate in Medford, Oregon, where she was a reporter and later the station's senior producer.
Welcome to the Tri-State, Kelley!

Indiana HS football sectionals start tonight

It's that time of the year again -- time to enjoy the high school football playoffs in Indiana!
Tonight, there are a good many games on the radio, on TV and online to listen to if you can't make it out to them in person.
On TV, you'll find the true battle for supremacy, the two undefeateds, Jasper vs. Reitz, which begins at 6:30 PM CT (7:30 ET) on the NEWS 25 Sports Channel (channel 25.2) and online at
You can find a list of the other games and the radio stations carrying them here.

Rand Paul relents, will debate Conway on KET Monday night

Republican Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul has decided to follow his own advice.  In a Lexington press conference this afternoon, Paul announced that he will debate Democratic candidate Jack Conway on KET's "Kentucky Tonight" Monday evening.
Paul had previously threatened to skip the program, which will be hosted by KET's Bill Goodman, after Conway ran an ad about Paul's "Aqua Buddha" tale, which was unleashed earlier this year by an as-yet-unnamed former fellow student of Paul's at Baylor University.  I think most of you know the details, so I won't go into that here. The race has been contentious, spiteful and downright nasty at times, but that's Kentucky politics for you.
Needless to say, Monday night's big show should be nothing if not interesting.  It begins at 7:00 PM CT (8:00 ET) on KET (channel 31.1, 35.1 or 53.1, depending on where you are in the Tri-State).

CBS picks up all five of its new hit shows for the full season

If, like me, you've enjoyed "Blue Bloods,""Hawaii Five-O,""$#*! My Dad Says,""Mike & Molly" and "The Defenders," I have good news for you:  CBS has picked all five of them up for the full season.
Each of the shows has contributed mightily to CBS' success as the #1 network in primetime thus far this season.  Indeed "Hawaii Five-O," "$#*! My Dad Says" and "Mike & Molly" have all averaged better than a 3.0 rating thus far, which might not sound too impressive, but when you consider the sheer number of shows available these days, that's pretty good.
I think each of the new shows have a shot at lasting not only this season, but for several seasons to come, especially if the quality holds up.  Given what we've seen thus far, I have no doubt that it will.

Louisville's WDRB adding new 6:30 PM newscast starting Jan. 17

Louisville's Fox affiliate, WDRB-Fox 41, is adding a new 6:30 PM (Eastern time) newscast beginning Jan. 17, according to TVNewsCheck.
The new newscast, dubbed "Fox 41 News at 6:30," which will air in the same timeslot as the "Big Three" network news programs, expands WDRB's news coverage to seven hours per day.  It will cover not only local news, but also news from around Kentucky, the country and the world.
WDRB is viewed in the eastern portions of the Tri-State (including Owensboro) on many cable systems and also over-the-air, as the station's signal reaches deep into Dubois, Perry and Spencer counties in Indiana and Hancock County in Kentucky.

COLTS: Dallas Clark is out for the season; Addai & Collie also out indefinitely

I held off on writing this in hopes that if I did so, it wouldn't happen, but it has.
The Indianapolis Star confirms this afternoon that Colts TE Dallas Clark is out for the season after injuring his hand and wrist during the final minutes of the Washington game.  Clark displaced a tendon and will have surgery next week to repair the damage.
“It's unfortunate, but it's been confirmed that surgery is necessary to repair the injury to my wrist,” Clark said in a statement. “All three (surgeons) have helped me and my family out tremendously during this process. I look forward to supporting my teammates the rest of this season and rehabilitating my wrist back to full strength for next season.”
The Colts signed Gijon Robinson on Wednesday to fill the gap left by Clark.
Meanwhile, the injury report also lists WR Austin Collie as having had surgery on his thumb, which means he's also out indefinitely, and RB Joseph Addai is struggling with a shoulder injury.  
Here's hopi…

WMSK to celebrate 50th anniversary at Camp Breckinridge

Morganfield radio station WMSK is celebrating a milestone next month -- its 50th anniversary! -- and they're throwing a party to celebrate the station's five decades of service to Union and surrounding counties.
The celebration will be held on Saturday, Nov. 20 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM CT at the Camp Breckinridge Museum & Arts Center, located at 1116 Village Square Road in Morganfield.  You'll get to meet the WMSK staff, and I'm sure it will be an enjoyable occasion.
WMSK first went on the air (at 1550 on the AM dial) on Nov. 21, 1960.