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2009 FINANCIAL REVIEW: Not surprisingly, revenues at Regent Communications were down for the fourth quarter and the year, but overall losses were reduced

Regent Communications, which is currently operating under bankruptcy protection as it reorganizes, released its fourth quarter and full-year 2009 financial results earlier today.
As one might reasonably expect from a company that's going through Chapter 11, revenues were down both for the quarter and all of 2009, although in the "good news" column, the company was able to reverse its overall losses when compared to the previous year.
Compared to the fourth quarter of 2008, revenues were off 10%, down to $21.3 million (vs. $23.7 million the year before).  Operating expenses were down 5.5% to $14.0 million, but the company reported a net loss of $14.2 million.  That loss is far less than 4Q2008's negative $75.4 million performance.
For the full year, the numbers were, again, off from 2008, although the net losses were not nearly as large as the previous year.  The company lost $44.6 million for all of 2009, versus a loss of $119.0 million in 2008.
With the company's re…

Electronic Applications Radio Service granted permit to build new Tell City radio station

It looks like there will be a new radio station in Tell City on 91.3 FM after all.

Electronic Applications Radio Service, Inc., a noncommercial/educational broadcaster based in Greenfield, Ind., plans to use the new Tell City station to serve a "broad educational purpose."  Here's the information they filed, which gives us some idea of what their plans are: Applicant proposes to use the NCE (Editor's Note:  "NCE" means non-commercial/educational) Station to broadcast a broad educational program. In today’s society people are busy and on the go and have little time for instruction in a traditional school or classroom setting. Applicant proposes to use the proposed NCE station to provide educational information to people in their cars and homes via the radio.
Applicant proposes to broadcast programs that bring awareness of social and cultural concerns to the listening audience. Awareness of key issues and ways to resolve these issues will be broadcast. Issues to…

TBN selling 16 translators nationwide; could Evansville's now-dark station also be on the block?

Back in December, I got word that Evansville's Trinity Broadcasting Network translator station, W38BK (channel 38), had gone dark due to a "reduction in local support" stemming from the digital TV transition.
At that time, TBN's filing with the FCC revealed that there was a chance that W38BK could be sold.
Now I've learned that TBN is selling sixteen of its translator stations scattered across the country to Word of God Fellowship, Inc., which is affiliated with the Daystar TV network, another Christian broadcaster.
The nearest TBN station involved in this particular transaction is in Elkhart, Ind., but given the circumstances, it's certainly possible that we'll see W38BK sold soon.
I'll keep you posted.

My mother-in-law will be pleased: ABC green-lights third season of "Castle"

One of my mother-in-law's favorite shows has been picked up by ABC for a third season.
"Castle," which stars Nathan Fillion as mystery novelist Richard Castle, has grown steadily in popularity since its debut a little over a year ago.  Now in its second season, it recently scored its highest-ever ratings, according to Broadcasting & Cable.
I should clarify:  I kid about it being just my mother-in-law's favorite show.  It's actually high on my list of good shows, too.
"Castle" airs on Monday nights at 9:00 PM CT on WEHT-NEWS25 (channel 25.1).

Hey, everybody!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not ignoring JDTVB today, there's just nothing happening so far that I think is worth sharing yet!
I'm continuing to scan the interwebs, and when I see something exciting, you'll find it here!

Ex-IU player, announcer Leary will face trial in July

Todd Leary, the former Indiana University basketball player and radio announcer, will stand trial in a Fort Wayne, Ind. courtroom this July, charged with 17 felony counts including theft and conspiracy to commit misappropriation.
Leary, 39, who played for Bob Knight's Hoosiers from 1989 to 1994, was arrested prior to the IU/Purdue game at Assembly Hall on Feb. 5.
The charges against Leary stem from a real estate fraud scheme that has already led to a guilty plea from Leary's ex-business partner, Joseph Garretson.
Leary's trial is set to begin in Allen Superior Court in on July 20.

RTV25 schedule gets some changes; "Kojak" moves to 10:00 PM; "I Spy" now on at 4:00

I tuned in to RTV25 (WEHT channel 25.2) this afternoon expecting to see "Kojak," but I got a surprise instead when "I Spy" came on after "Emergency."
It turns out that "Kojak" is now on at 10:00 PM.
"I Spy," which formerly aired from 10 to 11 every weeknight, is now in the 4:00 timeslot.
Those appear to be the only major changes as of now, although a new program, "TUFF TV Presents," is now in the lineup on Saturday nights at 11:30 PM.
For the full new schedule, click here.  (PDF file at

SPECIAL NOTE:  For those of you in the southwestern part of the Tri-State who may be able to receive RTV over Paducah station WPSD (channel 6.2), your schedule is completely different, and it can be found by clicking here.

More Insight news: Where did those channels go?

UPDATE, 5:05 PM:  TeacherJake tells me that he's found My44 on channel 22.9, so for those of you Insight customers without digital cable boxes, that's where you can find it.

In addition to sending me the info on the new Commonwealth Network, TeacherJake also checked in today to let me know that QVC, Oxygen, Golf Channel and WEVV-My44 have all officially moved to Insight's digital tier.
As of this afternoon, he's been unable to find any of them -- except for QVC -- among the "free" digital channels you can get without a digital cable box.
I'll let you know if My44 manages to migrate to the free channels.  Otherwise, if you're an Insight customer and want to watch MyNetworkTV programming, it looks like your only choice is to call 'em up and get a box.

Insight names new channel "Commonwealth Network," hires respected newspaper reporter to head news and public affairs

As I told you recently, Insight Communications is planning to roll out a new channel to compete with local broadcast TV.
Now we know the new channel's name and a good deal more about it.
To be called the "Commonwealth Network" on channel 2 (or "CN2" for short), the new channel is set to launch in late April, and according to Business Lexington, Insight is not pulling any punches -- indeed, it seems the company's president and COO is ready to throw down.
"I think it's a dangerous period for our country," said Insight's Dinni Jain.  "It's being polarized and in no small way by our media, which no longer feels any journalistic ethic to tell the truth, but to just be pawnbrokers for ideologues.
"Broadcasters, in my opinion, have lost their way."
That may seem a harsh assessment, but Jain is putting his money where his mouth is, hiring Ryan Alessi, one of the premier newspaper journalists in Kentucky, to oversee Insight's …

New Fox 7 live truck smaller, more user-friendly ... and cool!

I've been in touch with WTVW-Fox 7 news director Bob Walters today, who tells me that the station just took delivery of a brand-new live truck, and it's going to make life a lot easier for them.
Most TV live trucks are based on Ford's big, lumbering E-Series vans, but not the new Fox 7 truck.
So what is it?
"It" is a Chevrolet HHR, equipped with a hand-operated mast, which Bob says should be much easier to set up for live shots because it doesn't require the generator and air supply that the masts on older trucks use.
An HHR is also about half the size of an E-Series, which should also reduce fuel costs, be easier to drive ... and -- this may be considered a side benefit -- look cool as it goes about its business!
I'm told that the truck's transmitting range is about equal to the larger microwave trucks, and that they're going to be testing it over the next few days.
When they get it all prettied up with the station's logo and pictures become availa…

Regent prepares to sell two stations and a translator out west; local stations to be kept

Radio Ink Magazine is reporting today that Regent Communications, owner of seven radio stations in the Tri-State, has filed for FCC approval to put two of its stations and a translator into a divestiture trust, the first step in selling the stations.
As you know, Regent is currently in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings.
KARS-FM in Laramie, Wyo. (and its translator in Ft. Collins) and KPEL-FM in Abbeville, La. are the stations that the company will have to sell as it completes its transition to new ownership.
As far as I can tell right now, no other stations are "on the bubble," but if that changes, I'll be sure to let you know.

NOW ON eBAY: Bid to win "Anchor for a Day," "Meteorologist for a Day" packages from FOX 7 and "DJ for a Day" from Superhits 105.3

New today on eBay from the Red Cross are experience packages that will allow one lucky bidder to spend a day with the anchors of WTVW-Fox 7 News, Randy Moore and Julie Dolan, chief meteorologist Ron Rhodes, and DJ Deb Turner of Superhits 105.3 WJLT.
Yes, there are THREE new packages up for bids right now, so check 'em all out today!
Proceeds from all of the above auctions go to the American Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana, and this is just the latest round.  Auctions featuring personalities from NEWS25 and 14WFIE have already done very well for the Red Cross, and I hope you'll take the time to check out and bid on these auctions as well.
Happy bidding, and good luck!

KET kicks off election season tonight as Kentucky's party chairs appear on "Kentucky Tonight"

As I told you recently, KET is not having candidate debates this year (at least not in the usual sense), but that doesn't mean that Kentucky's statewide public TV network is giving the election season a pass.
Indeed, on "Kentucky Tonight" this evening, the network kicks off what will be extensive coverage of the 2010 elections with a preview from the Commonwealth's two party chairmen -- Charlie Moore of the Kentucky Democratic Party and Steve Robertson of the Republican Party of Kentucky -- as well as Kathy Groob, a political consultant and co-founder of Emerge Kentucky, a training program for Democratic women, and Holly Harris, the finance chair of the Republican Party of Kentucky.
Tonight's program should be enlightening, so if you're interested in Kentucky politics, "Kentucky Tonight" is the place to be at 7:00 PM CT on KET (channel 31.1 in Owensboro, 35.1 in Madisonville). IF YOU MISS IT ... Tonight's episode will be repeated later this wee…

Just a quick heads-up

Blogger is experiencing some problems with loading and displaying image files today, which may result in the TV and radio station listings, as well as other pictures, not loading correctly.
I'm hopeful that the problem will be taken care of soon, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Two Tell City radio station applications dismissed by FCC

It looks like two groups looking to put non-commercial radio stations on the air in Tell City are out of luck.
Good Samaritan Educational Radio, Inc. and Music Ministries, Inc. were among a large number of organizations which had their applications for construction permits dismissed by the Federal Communications Commission last week.
Good Samaritan had applied to build a 250-watt station at 91.7 on the FM dial, while Music Ministries was seeking permission to take to the airwaves with a 2,000 watt station at 91.3.
No reason was given for the dismissals.
Music Ministries -- better known by its on-air name, the Thy Word Network -- has several FMs already on the air in the Tri-State: WBGW, 101.5 FM (Ft. Branch, Ind.)WBHW, 88.7 FM (Loogootee, Ind.)WBJW, 91.7 FM (Albion, Ill.)W293AT, 106.5 FM (Owensboro, Ky.)Good Samaritan Educational Radio does not have a presence in the Tri-State, although it still has construction permits for FM stations outside the area, in Scottsville, Ky. (WBGB, 91.3) and…

But they can't call it that!

If you've been a part of the Twitter experience for any length of time at all, you've probably heard of "S**t My Dad Says."
Now CBS is bringing out a sitcom -- starring William Shatner as the dad, no kidding! -- that's based on, well, the "slightly outrageous stuff" Justin Halpern's 74-year-old father says.
Personally, I think it's going to be interesting, maybe even a hit.  Shatner is golden.  Let's remember that.
But what to call it? The New York Times' Media Decoder blog takes a look at that thorny little issue.
I only wish I had some suggestions ...

COMMENTARY: So ... who do we root for now?

If, like me, you're wondering who to cheer for in next weekend's Final Four, I think we ought to get behind the Butler Bulldogs.
Butler's a fine school, has an excellent reputation and is really one of the great hidden treasures of Indiana.  I mean, how often do we hear anything about the place?  (Aside from Hinkle Fieldhouse, anyway ...)
And just look at their basketball team!  These guys are class acts all the way.  They're well-coached, solid players, and excellent representatives for not just Indiana, but college basketball as a whole.
Why not Duke?
I simply can't do it.  I can't in good conscience cheer for a team that required the help of the officials to knock off Baylor yesterday.  
If you watched the latter part of the game, you know very well what I mean.
It was just the latest in a long line of moves, starting with the selection committee's questionable seeding arrangement, that I feel were designed specifically to send the "vaunted" Blue Dev…

Welcome back!

Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so!
I'm working on my column this morning, which means that I'll start posting later today, but if you've heard of something that you think folks would like to know about, send it my way!
Meanwhile, stay tuned.  We'll be right back!

The WEEKENDER for March 21-26


Tonight's game schedule

For your convenience, here are tonight's NCAA tournament games that will be broadcast on WEVV CBS44 and My44:
CBS44 WEVV 44.1Game 1 - 6:07pm – Tennessee vs. Ohio StateGame 2 - 8:57pm – Purdue vs. Duke  (BOILER UP!!!)My44 WEVV 44.2Game 1 - 6:27pm – St. Mary’s vs. BaylorGame 2 - 8:37pm – Northern Iowa vs. Michigan State

The Old-Time Radio Corner: My 1946 Zenith Consoltone and how it got me hooked on AM radio

Yesterday, I happened to mention on Twitter how great it was to listen to the Cardinals on WSON (860 AM, Henderson).  You can listen to a ball game just about anywhere nowadays, but for me, Cardinals games (and a whole lot of other things) have always sounded best on AM radio.
In this case, I was honestly thinking about one radio in particular.

Read the rest of this trip down memory lane after the jump.

Chet Simmons, founding president of ESPN, dies at 81

The man who led ESPN at its inception has died.
Chester "Chet" Simmons, who was the cable sports network's first president when it launched in 1979, died of natural causes yesterday in Atlanta at age 81.
Simmons was also instrumental in creating ABC's "Wide World of Sports" in the 1950s, and helped to develop the careers of many of today's best-known sports broadcasters, including Dick Enberg and Greg Gumbel.
St. Louis Cardinals fans should note that Simmons was also a key man in boosting our dearly departed radio announcer Jack Buck's long and successful broadcasting career, as well.

It's not GM, nor is it Chrysler, but Regent's bankruptcy keeps getting more and more convoluted

Just when it looked like Regent Communications had gotten a clear path to approval of its reorganization plan in bankruptcy court, Radio Ink Magazine reports that another major shareholder has stepped in to set up a roadblock.
Yesterday, Resilient Capital Management, which owns 6.6% of Regent, filed a motion with the court, asking that a committee be formed to represent the interests of the shareholders, claiming that the official appraisal, done by Oppenheimer and Co., undervalued Regent's real worth.  Here's what the filing states: "Because there is a substantial likelihood that there is sufficient equity value in [Regent] to distribute to the common equity holders, an equity committee should be formed to protect those shareholders' interest." Resilient also objects to the idea that the company's current CEO, Bill Stakelin, and CFO Tony Vasconcellos can represent shareholders' interest because Stakelin and Vasconcellos will end up with 8 percent owners…

A correction and an apology

It has been brought to my attention this evening that my column in today's Courier & Press contained an error that I was not aware of.
In the original draft of the column, submitted Monday afternoon, this is what I wrote about the exit of Jennifer Cahill and the hiring of Sean Clark-Weis at NEWS25: If you watched television or read this newspaper at all last week, you may have heard that the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation hired a new director of major gifts to assist the EVSC Foundation in its efforts to raise funds to support the school corporation's mission of educating the children of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

The new director is Jennifer Cahill, who is no doubt familiar to Tri-Staters who are regular viewers of WEHT-NEWS25.

Cahill came to the station in June 2007 as a reporter, and last year she was promoted to co-anchor of the station's 9:00 PM newscast on RTV25 alongside lead anchor Brad Byrd.

She has been a tough, hard-nosed reporter and a capa…

REMINDER (if you need one!): Here's the schedule of tonight's games on CBS44 and My44

I imagine if you're a fan of any of tonight's teams, you know very well when they're playing and on which channel, but for those of you who don't, here's a quick reminder:
On CBS44 WEVV 44.1:Game 1 - 6:07pm – Butler vs. SyracuseGame 2 - 8:57pm – Kentucky vs. Cornell On My44 WEVV 44.2:Game 1 - 6:27pm – Washington vs. West VirginiaGame 2 - 8:37pm – Xavier vs. Kansas State

WEVV-CBS44 to air special recap show covering Southern Indiana Classic Marathon and Half-Marathon on April 11

It's great to see historic "firsts" here in the Tri-State, and WEVV-CBS44 is bringing us another one.
On Sunday, April 11, the first-ever Southern Indiana Classic Marathon and Half-Marathon will be held, and WEVV, a sponsor of the race, will air a special one-hour recap show presented by Ed Grammer and Premier Properties.  It will air on channel 44.1 at 10:00 PM.
The Classic is the first Boston Qualifier marathon ever to be held in the Tri-State, which makes it even more special.
"WEVV has experience in producing telecasts for races such as this," explained Tim Black, WEVV's general manager.  "It’s great to be able to present an event of this magnitude to the Tri-State."
One of the great stories you'll see on the show is that of 87-year-old Harold Carey of Evansville, who is running in his first marathon.  You'll also get a look at the courses for the event and their differences, along with interviews with the winners and finishers.
Race direct…

WSIU also wins My Source award

Earlier today, I brought you the news that WNIN won a My Source Education Innovation Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but they weren't the only station serving the Tri-State to win the award.
WSIU, the public television station owned and operated by Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, also  was named a winner by the CPB.
The station is available in the westernmost parts of the Tri-State on channels 8.1 through 8.4; in the northwestern part of the area, you can see the same programming on Olney's WUSI, channels 16.1 through 16.4.
WSIU's full press release is available after the jump.

"Travelin' Man" Danneman sends back reports covering the Wildcats along the "Road to the Final Four"

If you're a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats -- and I know there are a lot of you in the Tri-State -- you've got to love the coverage that 14WFIE has been giving the 'Cats during March Madness.

They're the only local station that's covering the games where they happen, and that's certainly commendable.
14 News sports anchor Joe Danneman -- whom I've now nicknamed the "Travelin' Man" -- has certainly logged a good many miles since March Madness got underway, first on a trip to New Orleans, where the Boys in Blue cleaned up, and now he's in Syracuse, N.Y., awaiting the 'Cats' game against Cornell, which will of course take place tonight.
Tonight on 14 News, Danneman will have live reports at 5, 6, 9 and 10, and again on Sunrise tomorrow morning.  If the 'Cats win tonight, you'll see him all weekend long, as well.
Kudos to Joe and to 14 for delivering the great coverage for the UK fans!

MARCH MADNESS INVADES: Friendly rivalry takes over NEWS25 First Warning Doppler Weather Center

If you didn't see it last night, NEWS25 sports director Lance Wilkerson put together a great, funny piece on the friendly "rivalry" between chief meteorologist Wayne Hart -- a Cornell graduate -- and meteorologist David Heckard -- a Purdue alum.
As you probably know, both Cornell and Purdue are in the Sweet Sixteen, and it was a lot of fun watching Wayne and David show their love for their respective schools.
Lance has the full video at his website, and if you want to brighten up this gloomy, rainy day and get a chuckle at the same time, go watch it!

"At the Movies" canceled

It's the end of an era for the show that made the thumbs of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel famous.
"At the Movies" will end its 24-year run in syndication on August 14, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Currently hosted by critics A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips, the show's roots actually extend back to Siskel and Ebert's "Sneak Previews" program that debuted in 1975.
Gene Siskel died in 1999, and Richard Roeper joined Ebert in the balcony on a permanent basis in 2000, but Ebert himself had to leave the series because of his failing health in 2006.  Roeper left the show in 2008.
Via Twitter this morning, Ebert said, "RIP At the Movies."

CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER: WNIN receives national award from Corporation for Public Broadcasting

EDITOR'S NOTE:I am pleased today to share this news from WNIN with all of you, and I couldn't tell you this story any better than the folks at the Carpenter House, so I've decided to just post their press release in its entirety.  Congratulations to David Dial and all the folks at WNIN on winning this award!  The release is below.
WNIN Receives National Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
(Washington, DC) - - WNIN received a My Source Education Innovation Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) this weekend in Washington, D.C.

The My Source Education Innovation Awards recognize and showcase how public broadcasting stations use pioneering approaches and emerging digital technologies to serve the educational needs of their communities on-air, online and in the classroom.

“Stations across the country are using technology in creative and innovative ways to deliver educational tools and resources that are making a real difference to teachers, pa…

Here you go ...

As promised, here's the link to this week's column.  Enjoy!

Still awake? Get ready, my weekly column goes up shortly after midnight!

In this week's column, you'll find a wealth of information on several topics, although events that took place after my deadline may have already outdated portions of it somewhat.
This time around, I discuss the exit of Jennifer Cahill and the entry of Sean Clark-Weis at NEWS25, the possibility of Rosie O'Donnell coming back to daytime TV, and the brief hiccup in Regent Communications' bankruptcy proceedings.
Of course, since I wrote the piece, it's also been reported that Courtney Fischer is leaving NEWS25 as well (she's heading east, to Lexington, Ky.'s WLEX-18), and Regent's reorganization plan looks to be well on its way to approval after the judge pulled Monday's roadblock out of the way.
With a Monday deadline and a Thursday publishing date, this sort of thing sometimes happens.  Things change rapidly ... so rapidly that, while I greatly appreciate those of you who read my column each week, I want you to know that JDTVB is the most up-to-date plac…

This one slipped by me: You can also bid and win a "DJ for a Day" experience with Joe Blair of Superhits 105.3 WJLT!

I don't know how I missed this one, but you can also bid to win a "DJ for a Day" experience package with Joe Blair, morning man at WJLT-FM, Superhits 105.3!
Click here to see the auction on eBay.
Blair is one of the best morning guys I've ever had the pleasure of listening to -- let's be honest, folks, he's an Evansville institution -- and it'd be a great day for the lucky winner, that's for sure.
As with the other two experience packages now on eBay, this one is for the benefit of the American Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana, so, as they say, BID HIGH and BID OFTEN!
There are more auctions starting soon as well, with WTVW-Fox 7 News anchors Randy Moore and Julie Dolan, meteorologist Ron Rhodes, and many more.  To get a preview, go to the Red Cross Heroes Auction website for all the info!

If you can get past the programming, WAZE in analog isn't all that terrible ... OK, well, maybe it is

"Friends" (which is on as I type this) sort of makes up for the sins of "Laguna Beach," but I can now in all honesty say that I don't mind the fact that WAZE is not available in digital here in Owensboro.
I watched a few minutes of "Beach" and am honestly surprised that I survived.  If I wanted to relive high school ... well, scratch that, I don't want to relive high school, so obviously there's gonna be no way I'll ever understand, or like, or even watch that show again.
The picture at left (snapped during "Laguna Beach," God help me) is what WAZE's low-power translator station, WAZE-LP 17, looks like on the new TV with the new antenna.  It's still a little snowy, but it's not that bad, to be honest.
Should make watching those 20-odd Cardinals games that WAZE airs a little more tolerable.

"I Spy" star Robert Culp dies at 79

Robert Culp, who was perhaps best known for his role as secret agent Kelly Robinson alongside Bill Cosby's Alexander Scott in the 1965-68 NBC television series "I Spy," has died at age 79, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Culp's death appears to be accidental; he fell while walking outside his Hollywood home, striking his head.  A passing jogger alerted authorities, and Culp was taken to a Los Angeles hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
An autopsy is scheduled.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Those who may be unfamiliar with Robert Culp or "I Spy" can catch the show every weeknight at 10:00 PM on RTV25 (channel 25.2).

WFIE to air "Tri-State Spring Showcase" tonight

UPDATE, 4:05 PM:  I just got word from 14WFIE news director C.J. Hoyt that "Mercy" will air at 1:05 AM.  If you're planning to set your DVR (or even your VCR, if you're still using one of those!), that's the time to plug into the system.

If you tune in to 14WFIE (channel 14.1) tonight at 7:00 expecting to see "Mercy," it won't be on.
Instead, a program highlighting local businesses, their products and services will air, and it's called the "Tri-State Spring Showcase."
The program will be hosted by none other than Pat Coslett -- you've probably seen his wild and wacky commercials over the years on local TV -- and if I know anything, if Coslett's involved, it'll be enjoyable.
I'm told that ten locally-owned businesses will be highlighted tonight.  Jay Hiett, WFIE's general sales manager, tells me they expect it to be informative and entertaining.  "We think it is very important to help local Tri-State businesses,&q…

Now you can bid to win a "News Anchor for a Day Experience" package from NEWS25 and the Red Cross

On the heels of the "Meteorologist for a Day" package that the American Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana and NEWS25 put up on eBay earlier this week, now you can win a "News Anchor for a Day" experience package and spend a day with NEWS25 anchor Shelley Kirk.
Check out the listing here.
As with the previous offering, proceeds from the News Anchor for a Day package will benefit the work of the Red Cross in Southwestern Indiana.  We all know that they do a fine job, but without our help and support, they wouldn't be able to help as many people as they do in times of crisis.

What are you waiting for?  Get over there and bid already!

Why you won't find the February news ratings here

Recently, an attorney for The Nielsen Company sent me a letter informing me that if I did not remove any and all references to local news ratings from JDTVB -- and refrain from reporting the numbers in the future -- that I would expose myself to legal action.
I don't know why Nielsen did what they did, or why what I do is harmful to them (although I have my suspicions that it wasn't actually Nielsen which was "harmed," at least initially), but I did as I was asked, and will continue to do so.
Truth be told, I thought once ratings numbers were out there, they were out there.  After all, in other markets around the country, other bloggers, websites and newspapers get them, so I thought it was no big deal.
Obviously, that line of thinking was incorrect.
At some point, I'd like to have the funds to subscribe to their services, but that's not in the cards at this point, because it's simply an expense I can't handle on my own.
I'd like to apologize to you, r…

NEWS & NOTES: Braff pronounces "Scrubs" dead; Martindale back on TV with new game show; "Wife Swap" daughter sues ABC, show

I've got a few quick notes to start the day off right for you, starting with "Scrubs."
Most of you probably know that the ABC sitcom is Braffless nowadays, and the new look of the show (complete with a bunch of mostly unknown actors) hasn't exactly won as many fans as the network might have hoped.
The original star of the show, Zach Braff, who until this season portrayed Dr. John "JD" Dorian on the series, has therefore pronounced the patient show dead, at least as far as he's concerned.  He posted this on his Facebook page: “Many of you have asked, so here it is: it appears that New Scrubs, Scrubs 2.0, Scrubs with new kids, Scrubbier, Scrubs without JD is no more. It was worth a try, but alas… it didn’t work.”Even the show's creator, Bill Lawrence, seems to think the party's over, even though ABC hasn't yet admitted defeat. Read more from Just Jared.
--- RETIRE?  HELL!  MARTINDALE, 75, DEBUTS NEW GAME SHOW If I were 75 years old, I'd be mor…

Wednesday Morning Dept. of Just Plain Fun

All of my blood, sweat and tears expended in putting that new antenna in the attic yesterday are paying off early this morning, as I have been drawing in channels from far and wide.  Well, far and wide for me, anyway.
I've gotten channels out of Olney, Ill. (WUSI), Louisville (WAVE, WHAS, WLKY, WDRB and WMYO, and I may have forgotten a couple in there), St. Louis (KMOV), Jacksonville, Ill. (WSEC), Bowling Green (the usual suspects, KET, WBKO and WNKY) and Nashville (WZTV).
Yeah, all that hard work was well worth it.
Imagine what I could pull in if I could just TURN the silly thing ...
Oh, and just because I felt like it, I went out to the RV and cranked that antenna around a few times, too, and pulled in some distant channels as well, including Terre Haute's WFXW (sister station of WTVW) and Eastern Illinois University's WEIU, plus a few of those I mentioned above and a few that didn't quite come in long enough for the converter box to pick 'em up.

Schedule of tournament games released for Thursday and Friday nights

I want to take a second before getting to the list of games to once again thank the folks at WEVV -- particularly Eric Stremming -- for sending me the great lists so I can tell you which games will air on CBS44 and My44, and when they will air.
I'd also like to give the station kudos for using BOTH of their channels to keep everyone's basketball appetites satisfied!  I've talked to a lot of folks who greatly appreciate it!  If you've enjoyed it as much as I have, be sure to get in touch with them and let 'em know!!!
With that, let's get to the THURSDAY NIGHT games:
CBS44 WEVV 44.1Game 1 - 6:07pm – Butler vs. SyracuseGame 2 - 8:57pm – Kentucky vs. CornellMy44 WEVV 44.2Game 1 - 6:27pm – Washington vs. West VirginiaGame 2 - 8:37pm – Xavier vs. Kansas StateAnd here are the games for FRIDAY NIGHT:
CBS44 WEVV 44.1Game 1 - 6:07pm – Tennessee vs. Ohio StateGame 2 - 8:57pm – Purdue vs. DukeMy44 WEVV 44.2Game 1 - 6:27pm – St. Mary’s vs. BaylorGame 2 - 8:37pm – Northern Iowa…

Putting up a new antenna

UPDATE, 6:05 PM:  I mentioned my attic was tight; if I would have needed to add a rotor, it simply wouldn't have worked.  In that case, you'd want it in a more open space or -- better still -- on the roof.

UPDATE, 3:35 PM:  It's a little too snug -- and dark -- for me to get a decent camera shot of the antenna, but I do have a drawing of it, so I've posted that at left.

I can tell you that if your attic is as tight as mine, this is probably NOT the antenna for you; it's 10 feet long and more than six feet wide when it's fully extended and installed.  It would be much better to install it on a mast above the roofline, but that was not an option for me, at least not at this point.

UPDATE, 3:10 PM:  No matter what I did with the "new" antenna, I simply could not get a viewable signal from the missing station in question.  I gave up, left it alone and ran a second antenna (a pair of rabbit ears strapped to a beam in the attic) just for that channel.  Not ex…

OVERRULED: Judge sets aside Regent trustee's objection, sets hearing to OK reorganization

That was fast.
I told you yesterday that Regent Communications' court-appointed bankruptcy trustee, Roberta DeAngelis, filed an objection late last week that looked for all the world like a deal-breaker, insisting that shareholders get a vote on the company's pending reorganization plan.
DeAngelis' objection did not get very far.  Judge Kevin Gross has ruled against her and for Regent, setting an April 9 hearing date to approve the plan.
Shareholders will get 12.8 cents per share -- a total of $5.5 million -- that's being put up by the company's new senior lenders, GE Capital and Oaktree Partners.  The judge said that Regent "drove a hard bargain" with its lenders to secure something for the shareholders, whereas in most -- if not all -- recent media bankruptcies, shareholders got nothing.
I'll let you know how the April 9 hearing comes out.
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Thanks to ORRG for his assistance with this post.  For more information, you can visit Radio Bus…

American Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana and NEWS25 offering "Meteorologist for a Day Experience" auction

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a meteorologist at one of the TV stations here in the Tri-State, you can have your chance -- and help out the American Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana at the same time!
The Red Cross and NEWS25 Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart have teamed up to auction a "Meteorologist for a Day Experience" on eBay.You can check it out by clicking here.

Here's the description from eBay: Join News 25 WEHT-TV Meteorologist Wayne Hart  for a day and see what goes on behind the scenes.  This unique experience package is wonderful for a student considering a career in meteorology or for anyone that would like to learn what goes on behind the scenes.  Learn firsthand about the technology and science of weather forecasting with one of the Tri-State’s premier meteorologists.
This item was donated to the American Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana by Wayne Hart and WEHT-TV News 25  in support of our 2010 Heroes fundraiser.  The winning bid…

Lexington NBC station hires NEWS25 reporter

Word is coming in from Lexington, Ky. this afternoon that WLEX-TV (that city's NBC affiliate) has hired NEWS25 reporter Courtney Fischer.
A Chicago native and a graduate of DePauw University in Greencastle, Fischer has been at NEWS25 since August 2007.
She is the third NEWS25 on-air personality to leave the station this year;  you may recall that Daybreak anchor Jon Chrisos left in January for WAVE-TV in Louisville, and 9:00 co-anchor Jennifer Cahill was hired by EVSC last week as the school corporation's director of major gifts.

New UK football coach to be guest on Friday's "Connections with Renee Shaw"

University of Kentucky head football coach Joker Phillips discusses his new job and his Kentucky roots on the next "Connections with Renee Shaw," airing Friday at 4:00 PM CDT on KET2 and Sunday, March 28 at 12:30 PM CDT on KET.
Phillips first describes growing up in the tight-knit community of Franklin, Ky. An accomplished athlete in several sports, he talks about why he chose to pursue a career in football. He shares how he got the name Joker, his true feelings about his high school rivals and why he doesn’t travel with an entourage.
Phillips also discusses becoming the head coach at his alma mater, his relationship with former coach Rich Brooks and his thoughts about being the first African-American head football coach at UK.
Finally, the coach talks about his goals at UK, including changing perceptions about the football team and recruiting players who have strong character and a sincere desire to earn a degree. Phillips explains his…

Mt. Carmel's WVMC-AM gets new owner, new license, returns to air

It looks like the future of radio station WVMC (1360 AM) in Mt. Carmel, which for most of the past year looked to be in doubt, is now secure.
The station, which had been owned by Wabash Broadcasting, went silent in early 2009 because of financial difficulties, but its sale to Withers Broadcasting, along with a new license approved today by the FCC, means the station is back on the air once more, and hopefully for a long time to come.
Additionally, whereas the station once operated at 500 watts during the day and 20 watts at night, it will now operate at 500 watts at all times.
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Withers also owns several other stations in southeastern Illinois, including Carmi's WRUL (97.3 FM) and Mt. Carmel's WYNG (94.9 FM).

Regent reorganization hits a snag as trustee objects to plan

There are some folks at Regent Communications this morning who may well be saying, "Uh-oh."
The acting trustee in charge of the company's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing filed an objection to the company's reorganization plan late last week, according to Radio Ink Magazine.
Roberta DeAngelis' filing now throws the company's future into some doubt, as the plan she objected to would have seen the company exiting protection in as little as 40 days.
Also in question now is what Resilient Partners will do.  They own 6.6% of Regent, and they are planning to either object to Regent's plan or present their own.
One thing's for sure:  It's not going to be all done and over with quite as quickly as Regent's management had hoped.
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Regent owns the following stations in the Tri-State:  WBKR-92.5 FM and WOMI-1490 AM in Owensboro, and WKDQ-99.5 FM, WGBF-103.1 FM, WGBF-1280 AM, WJLT-105.3 FM and WDKS-106.1 FM in Evansville.