Snowtastic! Who's calling for what?

Ho-hum, la-dee-da ...

Tonight's guests on "SOUND OFF"

Randall Parmley in Indy covering the Colts for NEWS25 Sports

Will it never end?

It's Over: ABC gives Ugly Betty the boot

Martha Stewart leaving My44 -- and broadcast TV in general

UPDATED: NEWS25 still having difficulties?

BIG NEWS: WFIE and WEVV teaming up for Colts' Super Bowl Weekend

The Non-Surgery

NEWS25 audio/video difficulties tonight

Ready to SOUND OFF about your Colts? My44 is ready to listen on Thursday night!

14 NEWS to cover the Colts' trip to Super Bowl XLIV

Fox 7 News to air stories from Haiti beginning tonight

Update on TBN

R.I.P.: Pernell Roberts, "Bonanza" and "Trapper John, M.D." star, dead at 81

R.I.P.: James Mitchell, best known as Palmer Cortlandt, dies at 89

Gray Television rolling out local HD

In brief: Walters to host "This Week" next week

On a FG in OT, the Saints will meet the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV

The Shootout in New Orleans


Jets up 17-13 at the half


First-ever televised "State of the Judiciary" address to air on WNIN Monday evening

Don't forget the ball game!

AROUND THE COUNTRY ... in brief ...

A few brief notes ...

Taking some time off ... again

Conan leaving with a pretty sizable settlement; staff might get golden parachutes as well

THE CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE SET ... Who will be in Super Bowl 44? We'll know next Sunday!

THE JETS ARE COMING ... After defeating Chargers, Jets to face Colts next Sunday

Cowboys go down in flames; Vikes will face Saints for NFC championship

COLTS WIN! Costly mistakes end season for Ravens

Saints send the Cardinals packin'


NBC to pay O'Brien $30 mil to leave

NEWS25's Courtney Fischer heading to Haiti

Coroner: Lewis' death due to natural causes; USI setting up fund for his son

A little humor for you

WNIN preparing to air three new local-interest programs

UPDATED: Jeron Lewis, player on USI men's basketball team, dies after collapsing during game against KWC in Owensboro

NEWS25 Sports to broadcast Washington/Princeton boys' basketball game on RTV25 next Friday night

TMZ says Leno gets the full "Tonight" hour; NBC sets 9:00 PM schedule

THE LATEST: Who's doing what?

Televangelist Robertson says Haiti earthquake was the result of "pact with the devil" ... WHY is this guy still on TV?

IN THIS WEEK'S COLUMN: Yanking of Leno makes NBC affiliates happy

Special Colts program to air prior to Saturday night's game on WEVV-CBS44

AROUND THE COUNTRY ... in brief ...

Louisville-area readers: WAVE news director leaving Mar. 5

Conan won't host "Tonight" at 11:05 PM

Bleccch ...

WEVV-My44 to air SEC basketball doubleheader on Saturday

AROUND THE COUNTRY ... What a day!

Not much going on today

We're getting closer to the Super Bowl ...