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THE WIRE - A look back at what's happened this week in TV

POLL UPDATE: I'm late getting this up today ...

HOW DID I MISS THIS? NEWS25's Adkins featured in TVNewsCheck story on Twitter

UPDATE: "The Imploders" will feature Owensboro Executive Inn demolition

AROUND THE COUNTRY: Your look at TV news outside the market

THE LIGHTER SIDE OF HARD NEWS: You can't make this stuff up

Mobile TV in your car? If you buy a new Chrysler, you can get it

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DXing again -- this time from Huntsville, Alabama!

THE MUSIC CITY REPORT: WKRN alters schedule ... for "Titans on 2"

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THE DERBY CITY DIGEST: Retirements aplenty -- WAVE anchor Hays and WDRB reporter Irby stepping down

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Elberfeld resident to appear on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" this week

Go "Behind the Big Build" with NEWS25 this Sunday

UPDATED: "Evansville Basketball with Marty Simmons" coming to 14WFIE beginning Nov. 8

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BREAKING: Ellis Park to close ... temporarily

Why the Evansville market needs Ion

Happy Birthday to me!

Colts move to 6-0 and other NFL news

Catching up on the weekend's news

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THE WIRE - Catching you up on the news of the week

TLC show to feature implosion of Owensboro's Executive Inn Rivermont

Reader reactions to "When is a commercial ... not a commercial?"

When is a commercial ... not a commercial?

POLL UPDATE: Keeping track of who watches what with what

A quick update on the FCC's new net neutrality stance

Hulu will start charging users in 2010

IN COMPUTERS: Are you upgrading to Windows 7?

Around the country today

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CORRECTED: WNIN Local now on Insight and WOW

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KET names new executive director

Owensboro man's video to be on AFV this week

IN BRIEF: Hart recovering from gallbladder surgery

UPDATED: Coming attractions

Rest in peace, Vic Mizzy

You say you like "The Biggest Loser?" Are you ready for a spinoff?

Want to watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" with the family who got the new home? You'll get your chance


WVUT wins grant to help fund HD conversion

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A couple of quick NFL notes

THE WIRE - Now yours to discover on Saturday!

A schedule change

ATSC approves Mobile DTV standard, first units could be out next year

Could "Billionaire Ted" come storming back?

Still more on HD news

Wi-Fi over TV -- not happening ... plus some clarifications

POLL UPDATE: Keeping track of who watches what with what

THE MUSIC CITY REPORT: LP maximization dismissed