Goodman out at WFIE

Digital LPTV filing window opens Aug. 25 for rural stations

Source: WEHT to upgrade antenna in September

Billy Mays, pitchman, dead at 50

Monroe leaving WTVW

Don't shoot! I'm just a poor, old, defenseless TV!

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Wimbledon preempts "Midday with Mike" on WFIE

Picking up a Nebraska station in Tennessee?

My 350th Post: Introducing the JDTVB WIRE

WJFB joins the list of stations I've pulled in

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UPDATED: Another new one

A must-read

Poll update

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

Farrah Fawcett dead at 62


Still getting analog?

UPDATED: Disgusted

Ed McMahon, 1923-2009

WKRP (NOT) in Cincinnati

The problem may not be with your equipment ...

Nashville TBN station back on the air

Something you can try ...

Interesting read: "Hot Time for Digital Channels"

It seems we've struck a nerve ...

A slow news day at the NY Post? Sure seems that way ...

UPDATED: Former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite said to be "gravely ill"

Not much going on ...

Has WKRN raised power?

Having problems getting WFIE? Let 'em know!

YOU WRITE, I RESPOND: Still More Letters to the Editor

You're not alone!

POST-TRANSITION POLLS: Your Thoughts & Experiences

Storms play some havoc with our signals

NASHVILLE UPDATE: NashDigie checks in with news from WKRN and WSMV

The transition: Camper's nightmare?

Things that are making me go "Hmmm ..."

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700,000 call FCC DTV transition hotline

So ... now what?

Transition: Complete!

Another question ... can't answer this one

WNIN 9.2 to become part of statewide network?

RTV getting some new shows ... now, will we get them here?

The switching continues ...

Changes I've noticed within the transition ...

R.I.P., WNIN & WFIE analog operations

The switching begins ... in about 30 minutes!

We're just a little more than 12 hours out!

RTV entering larger markets

More on the Evansville shutoff situation

A few notes ...

I missed noting my 300th post? Wow, I guess I'm getting laz...

Coming tonight: News25 at 9:00

The Latest from Nashville: WSMV changes cutoff, adds subchannel

YOU WRITE, I RESPOND: Letters to the Editor

I'm really enjoying this ...

REPENT (and buy a converter)! THE LAST DAYS (of analog) ARE AT HAND!

WFIE is up to something ...

WTVF takes Nashville's "Best Website" award

Nashville switch schedule and other notes

What the!? RTN is now RTV?

Scheduling the switch in Evansville

FCC holds final transition meeting

More WTSN info ... they have a website!

Out of the "office" again tomorrow

WTSN an America One affil? Looks like it!

Ten days to go ...

It is WTSN on channel 36, but will infomercials be all we get to watch?

NOT (entirely) TV RELATED: GM files Chap. 11; Chrysler could emerge soon

RUNOFF POLL: Which Nashville station has the best website, WTVF or WZTV?

BEST WEBSITE AWARD: The readers have spoken ... except in Nashville