UK news conference to be carried live tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM CDT

The April Poll Questions: Severe Weather Season Edition

Following Cal: Is Memphis' Coach Heading to Lexington?

WEHT and WFIE to take UK fans' questions tonight

FOCUS ON: Bowling Green's WKYU

No April Fool's Joke Here: I Need Your Help!

News Roundup, March 22-28 - WAZE On The Block Edition

AmeriCorps to help with DTV transition

From the JDTVB Department of Redundancy Department

BREAKING: WAZE being sold

A blast from the past

Daytime Emmys to air on The CW?

Coupon expired? Apply again!

When Analog Goes Away II - An Update

It hasn't happened yet, but it's coming soon

When Analog Goes Away - Dates & Times

WBKO's signal up to full strength?

A modification to the homemade antenna

Another new look for JDTVB, and some kudos

WTVW owner takes over management of more stations

Battery powered TVs and You: After the Transition

News Roundup, March 15-21

Poll update!

A most unusual day ...

The latest from WAZE ... wish it was good news, but it ain't

It's final -- and a surprise

Speculation, ponderings and other stuff

1/4 of the way through my second hundred -- FINALLY, WBKO shows up!

A look at picture quality

Maybe something IS going on, after all ...

More rules!

A new face in the morning at News25

News Roundup, March 8-14

The WAZE emperor has no clothes!

W23BV back on analog temporarily

Tornado watch until 4PM CDT - local coverage

News Roundup, March 1-7

Spring forward!

An update on my channel list

I'm a Tweep

3ABN goes digital in Evansville

WAZE analog back on the air