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Another WBKO update, not good news

If you don't read the comments with each article, our friend NashDigie has updated us once again on the status of WBKO.

Sadly, due to bad weather, the move from 33 to 13 has been delayed until after the New Year.

At least the good folks at 'BKO were good enough to keep us all informed.

Here's the story:

More Updates, and an answer to a question

Thanks to NashDigie, a good friend to this blog, we now know that WBKO will "go live" with an omnidirectional antenna (a good thing) but at a power of 11.6 kilowatts (not so good). Word is that they want to be at 22 kW by August '09. That would be a very good thing.

So, will we be able to get 'BKO here in Owensboro? I guess we'll see next week, so long as the original date of 12/22 holds. (Yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed.)


Now for the first in what I hope will be a series of Q&A's ... Alex in Bowling Green writes:

I'm in Bowling Green and am considering purchasing an antenna so I can get the OTA stations. I know I will get Bowling Green and probably Nashville (at least I did with a simple indoor antenna), but I've really been wondering about getting Evansville or Louisville stations.

Well, Alex, my recommendation is to always go with the best antenna you can get. "Cheaping out" is not a viable option, IMHO.


An update on WAZE

I may have been hasty in criticizing WAZE (CW 19, Madisonville)'s slow progress in getting a full-power digital signal up and running.
It turns out, I found, that it isn't Roberts Broadcasting that is the culprit, but WAZE's previous owners, South Central Communications Corp. ... yeah, the folks who own radio stations WIKY, WSTO, and a whole boatload of others.
They screwed up, and badly. Now Roberts is left holding the bag.
I still do not regret criticizing WAZE management for not replying to e-mails. That's poor community relations, and that's their problem, not mine.
Hopefully, if all went according to the plans submitted to the FCC, we may see some sort of testing done in January. I'm hesitant to hold my breath, but I'm a bit more optimistic than I was.

WBKO update

This update is a little late, but here goes:
WBKO (ABC/Fox/CW, Bowling Green KY), as I posted previously, will shut down its analog transmitter at midnight on December 7. That is this coming Sunday night.
After that, the digital signal on 33 will be used only during the evenings for news programming, when there is no work being performed on their tower.
Finally, on or about December 22, WBKO will crank up their new, full-power digital signal on Channel 13. You will have to reprogram your digital TV or converter box after this move.
You can get more info at their website.

Before you comment, please READ THIS!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate everyone's comments, questions, and willingness to talk about the DTV transition.
However, of late, I have noticed that some who comment are not staying on-topic. I'm not going to vote for you in some stupid contest. I'm not interested in your beauty treatments, or some pornographic website.
If your comments do not pertain to the entry you choose to post on, your comments WILL BE DELETED as soon as I see them!!!
For the rest of you who don't have a problem with this (which is 99.99% of you), carry on, and enjoy the rest of the show. ;-)

Infomercials, Rosie O'Donnell and other assorted notes

Some days, I'm glad my Venturer converter box is set to turn off after four hours.
This is one of those days.
If I have to watch Klee Irwin shill for his "colon cleansing product" one more time, I do believe I will puke. If I wanted to know what my body does with what I eat, I'd get my own colonoscopy. Not exactly something I want to see on the TV.
Besides, my philosophy on colon cleansing is just about on a par with that of Cletus Klump of "The Nutty Professor" fame. If you haven't seen that, you should. ;-)
Rosie O'Donnell has had yet another "pet project" dumped on the ash heap of history.
First it was her talk show, which started out OK, but turned nasty when she verbally assaulted Tom Selleck on-air.
Then she "decided" she was a lesbian.
And she chopped off her hair, supposedly to convince Boy George (of all people ...) to let her produce his play ... I think it was called Taboo or something like that. Just what I wanted t…