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Locally-originated HD? And guess who's first!

It's WEVV. Yes, the only major network station in the Evansville market without a newscast has come along and given us HD that THEY choose.
I know Entertainment Tonight is on their HD playlist, but I don't watch 44 enough to know what else they might be showing. Perhaps Ellen?
All righty then, WTVW, WFIE & WEHT: The gauntlet has been thrown. Who's next?

WAZE Watch, Day 1,247*: Still no news here. I guess if Madisonville TV viewers are happy, the rest of us here in the Tri-State can just sit on it and spin. I find that sad.
* I don't really know how many days it's been, exactly. But I think it's been about that long since I bought my first digital TV. Besides, it adds a little humor to a situation that I think isn't really funny at all.

Mark your calendar: WBKO goes digital-only Dec. 7

It's official, folks:

The Reader's Digest version is this: WBKO will turn off their analog transmitter on Sunday night, December 7. Yes, this is two months and 10 days ahead of the rest of the country, but hey, it's good to be ahead of the curve, right?

Their blog doesn't specifically say so, but I believe that will also be the date when they move their digital signal from 33 to 13, which should improve the signal (all they say is that the new transmitter will be installed in December, so I'm just inferring here). I suppose we'll see, won't we?

WBKO also provides, in the above blog, a good connection guide for those who've yet to connect their DTV converter boxes.

Stay tuned, folks ... I'll have more on 'BKO's move as soon as I get it.

What stations are you getting?

As the leaves come off of the trees and fall gives way to winter, I'm interested in learning what channels you OTA (over-the-air) DTV folks are getting. It's been cloudy the last few days, so I've only been getting my usual Evansville-market channels (plus KET 53 out of Bowling Green at night). With less foliage around, I am curious if my reception will improve (giving me more channels), or if the change in seasons will mean I'm going to lose the stations (i.e., out of the Nashville market) that I have gotten used to receiving.

Readers: Let me know what you're picking up at your location ... I'm interested!


WFIE and WEHT are reporting this morning that the Perry Central (Indiana) schools are opening two hours late today.

Unlike most delays at PC, this one ain't weather-related.

Perry County is the southernmost county that is included in the Hoosier National Forest, and it turns out that yesterday, the U.S. Forest Service conducted a controlled burn in the area. And, evidently, a large amount of smoke found its way into the schools.


School officials say that the kids will be allowed in once the smoke smell is cleared out ...

It's an exciting election night ...

... and the Big Three networks are wall-to-wall, with cut-ins for local results.

Good coverage overall.

When I voted at about 2:00 P.M., there was no waiting at my precinct, so I was in and out in under five minutes.

How was it where you voted? Let me know; I'm curious!

Are you ready to vote?

Or have you already voted?

Either way, I think this is going to be a record year for voter turnout. Kentucky's Secretary of State is predicting a 70% turnout, which would be remarkable.

I'll be up bright and early and will head down to Apollo High School here in Owensboro at 6AM tomorrow, where I will vote.

Then I'll head home, go about my day, and then tomorrow night, I'll fire up the TV and watch the returns roll in tomorrow night.

WFIE will have returns and analysis on 14-2; I don't think WEHT will interrupt RTN programming, but I guess we'll see.