Hey! It's been a while ...

... and how things have changed!

Oh, I'm still riding, but with a recent move to the country, I've been preoccupied with things around the new homestead.

But I am about to go on my summer schedule at work, which will HOPEFULLY allow me more road time.  That's the general plan, anyway.

And what great country I have to explore out here! I've got one road that's almost perfectly flat, all the way to the next town over, plus numerous roads with hills I think I can still climb - and I fully intend to find out!

I dug out Old Blue from storage at work last week, cleaned him up and repaired the back wheel - I'd busted a couple of spokes - and put him right back to the job. Didn't miss a beat, either. I rolled up about 40 miles even with a good rain or two thrown in.

It takes the work out of work

I can't really call patrolling campus "work" when I'm using my Continental.

Here you can easily see the new handlebars I got to replace the "old new" ones.  They didn't have quite enough rise; these are just right.

SOLD: Roadmaster Virtron

Another of my recent projects has now found a new home. This Roadmaster Virtron from the 1990s got some upgrades and changes and sold for a fair price.
It's better than anything you can buy new at Walmart today, that much I do know!!!

More bikes I've restored ...

Here are a few more bikes I've restored:
1964 ROADMASTER SKYRIDER The first bike I restored was this AMF Roadmaster product, which was fairly heavy-laden with rust.  Most was fixable; I did have to replace the front wheel as it was just too far gone to save.  Other items replaced include: Fenders (Wald Middleweight #952-26)Tires and tubes (Tires: Kenda/Sunlite whitewall street tires, 26x1.75")Seat (Roadmaster, off the shelf) Reconditioning included: Cleaning and repacking of all major bearingsPainting wheels, handlebars, pedals, chainwheel and crankLubricating the rear hub (Fichtel & Sachs "Komet") 1973 SCHWINN SUPER SPORT This bike was a pleasure to work on - as one of Schwinn's partly hand-built fillet-brazed rides (using brass at the joints), this one is as well built as they come and rides like a dream on wheels. It also had just 35 miles (!) on it. All I had to replace on this one were the tires, tubes and brake pads, everything else just got adjusted and/o…

Some bikes I've restored ...


A beautiful day for a ride


It followed me home ... can I keep it?

I have jokingly said, many times, that the proper number of bicycles a person should have is one more than you currently own.

I didn't know I'd be proving that to be true ... but I did.

Recently, while preparing to make a trip to Louisville for the day, I ran across a Silver Mist 1976 Schwinn Continental on Craigslist. I've been shopping bikes on CL with an eye toward fixing a few for sale locally, and I thought this one could be a pretty easy sale.

As it turns out, it was ... for me ... but it won't be again.

One look at this bike -- scratched, faded, partially missing paint, cruddy tires, fossilized brakes and all -- told me it needed a home with my other three two-wheelers.  Even my wife seemed to like it ... ummm ... well ... OK, so she didn't say "no."

And the price sealed its fate.  I won't give away what it cost me, but it was well under what I paid for the '70 Racer last fall ... and even after ordering parts, it's come out under what…